Love in Bloom (De La Fuente Family #3)(6)

By: Lexi Buchanan

His family, on the other hand, were positive that she was nothing more than Caprice and they would probably have a party to celebrate their break up. She just wished that Roger would tell her why she’d been told to be a bitch. She’d asked but, so far, she’d never received an answer, only a pat on the head for a job well done.

But this visit to Mateo and his family was going to be different, she was going to be herself and she looked forward to it. She’d only packed her own clothes and nothing of ‘Caprice’s’ had made it into her case.

She had some good clothes and the outfit she’d bought for the wedding was so different from anything Caprice would wear. Instead, she’d gone for a dress that was Erin. It was lilac with a fitted bodice with purple pansies embroidered around the square neckline and a flared lilac skirt that stopped just above her knee. She’d matched her high heels to the dress and Sadie had approved of the outfit, telling her that she looked sweet and innocent…which she was.

Twisting her lips, she frowned at the only part of Caprice she couldn’t get rid of…her name. She would have to answer to Caprice and allow Mateo to end their relationship without his family knowing that he’d been out of control in Dallas.

Hopefully they’d both be able to put the past eighteen months behind them…she’d miss him though.

Chapter Three

“When does your fiancée arrive?” Diego asked the question with an edge to his voice as he sat opposite, his socked feet up on the coffee table.

Mateo felt tired with everything running around in his head and he couldn’t wait for the whole fiancée thing to be over with, or could he? Since she’d been in his apartment, he’d discovered a need to get to know the real woman underneath. Why though?

He shook his head and answered the easier question, “Tomorrow,” and hoped that would be the end of it.

Caprice had been so different the last time he’d seen her that he’d wondered if it had been the same woman. She’d seemed young and…sexy. God, every time he closed his eyes, he saw her legs and remembered the feel of her in his arms, the feel of her as she wiggled on his lap. His cock had certainly enjoyed that.

“Earth to Mateo.”

He snapped his eyes open and he wanted to throw something at Diego to wipe the smug look from his face. “You were dreaming.” He grinned. “She’s obviously doing something right.”

Mateo growled. “Leave Caprice out of this.” He sighed and breathed heavily wanting the frustration he felt to disappear. “Why are you here so early? I thought you had to work until the day before?”

Diego’s expression darkened, which made Mateo feel sorry for his younger brother. Something was obviously up with him and until Diego was ready to talk, it was pointless expecting him too.

“Took some vacation time.” Diego had never been good with lying and it was clear by the way his eyes slid around the room that he was doing that right now.

Mateo let it go. “So, do you know what babe you’ll be walking down the aisle?”

Sylvia insisted that there was a bridesmaid on each of their arms when they walked up the aisle on her big day.

Dante would walk with his new wife, Emelia, he’d be walking Lily, his cousin Michael McKenzie’s wife, which left Diego, Kasey and Aiden. He’d overheard Kasey talking about the ‘babe’ he was set to walk with so no doubt he’d be doing more than just walking.

“I’ve no idea but Sylvia said she was a curvaceous beauty. Not sure if Sylvia was serious or teasing. In truth, I’m not all that bothered as long as Sylvia and Eric are happy. It’s their day.”

“I hear you.”

Diego sat forward, arms on his thighs and met his gaze. “Can I ask you something? And will you be honest with your answer?”

Mateo kept his brother’s intense gaze and nodded slowly. “You can ask me anything.”

His nerves jumped and he fought the urge to run before the question was asked. He had a feeling about what the question was going to be but he didn’t want to know what was going on in Diego’s mind…at least not about her.

“What’s really going on with you and Caprice?”

Anything but that.

Mateo closed his eyes and sighed. He couldn’t be honest, not right now, or ever. “Caprice and me…” he paused as he tried to come up with an answer. It wasn’t easy because he wasn’t sure anymore what was going on between them. He scowled as he continued, “we’re complicated. You’ve no idea how much I wish I could tell you everything but I can’t. Not yet anyway.”