Long May She Reign(117)

By: Rhiannon Thomas

When I was halfway through the second draft, Alex Zaleski was the reason I kept going. She read that messy half-a-first-draft with her pompoms at the ready, and has provided endlessly helpful feedback on the many versions of the book since. Thanks so much to her for all her cheerleading, support and advice, and for always believing in me.

Thanks to everyone in Black Scabbard for constantly inspiring me with our adventures; to James Cattle, Pascal Gilbraith, Matt Goodyear, Kim Jackson, and Oz Shepherdson; plus, of course, Rachel and Phoebe, for all the drama, laughs, and goblin cookery courses, and for letting me take inspiration from their characters for the gods of Freya’s world.

I’m lucky enough to have amazing friends on both sides of the Atlantic, and huge thanks are also due to Shelina Kurwa, Meg Lee, and Anna Liu, for always being there for me despite the distance.

And finally, endless thank-yous to my mum and dad, Gaynor and Brian Thomas, who always support me, and are the reasons for everything I do.