Lawfully Adored (K-9 Lawkeeper Romance)

By: Jenna Brandt

Introduction to The Lawkeepers Series

There’s just something fascinating about a man wearing an emblem of authority. The way the light gleams off that shiny star on his badge makes us stare with respect. Couple that with a uniform hugging his body in just the right way, confidence, and mission to save and protect, it’s no wonder we want to know what lies underneath.

Yes, what echoes deep inside those beating hearts is inspiring. Certainly appealing. Definitely enticing. Although those ripped muscles and strong shoulders can make a woman’s heart skip a beat—or two—it takes a strong, confident person to choose to love someone who risks it all every day. Anyone willing to become part of a lawkeeper’s world might have a story of their own to tell.

The undeniable charisma lawmen possess make all of us pause and take note. It’s probably why there are so many movies and TV shows themed around the justice system. We’re enthralled by their ability to save babies, help strangers, and rescue damsels in distress. We’re captivated by their ability to protect and save, defend the innocent, risk their lives, and face danger without hesitation. Of course, we expect our heroes to stay solid when we’re in a mess. We count on them for safety, security, and peace of mind. From yesterday to today, that truth remains constant.

Their valor inspires us, their integrity comforts, and their courage melts our hearts—irresistibly. But there’s far more to them than their courageous efforts. How do they deal with the difficulties they face? Can they balance work and life? And how do they find time for love outside their life of service?

We want to invite you on a journey—come with us as we explore the complex lives of the men and women who serve and protect us every day. Join us in a fast-paced world of adventure. Walk into our tight-knit world of close friendships, extended family, and danger—as our super heroes navigate the most treacherous path of all—the road to love.

The Lawkeepers. Historical and modern-day super heroes; men and women of bravery and valor, taking love and law seriously. A multi-author series, sure to lock up your attention and take your heart into custody.

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The Lawkeepers is a multi-author series alternating between historical westerns and contemporary westerns featuring law enforcement heroes that span multiple agencies and generations. Join bestselling authors Jenna Brandt, Lorana Hoopes, Elle E. Kay, Patricia PacJac Caroll, Evangeline Kelly, Ginny Sterling and Barb Goss as they weave captivating, sweet, and inspirational stories of romance and suspense between the lawkeepers — and the women who love them.

The Lawkeepers is a world like no other; a world where lawkeepers and heroes are honored with unforgettable stories, characters, and love.

** Note: Each book in The Lawkeepers series is a standalone book, and part of a mini-series of sorts, and you can read them in any order.

Dedicated to

my husband, Dustin, Badge #5654,

who inspired me to create this series.

You’re not only my heart and soul,

but my own personal lawkeeper.


Police officer Aiden O’Connell looked out over the mountain peak at the setting sun and knew only a small window of time remained to find the missing hiker.

Aiden bent down next to his German Shepherd partner, Cooper, allowing him to inspect an area below a cluster of towering pine trees between a set of giant boulders. True to his training, Cooper barked and urged Aiden to follow him up an overgrown hiking trail.

Clear Mountain, Colorado was a popular destination for tourists. The craggy rock formations overlooking the quaint town were a constant attraction for outdoor enthusiasts. Unfortunately, inexperienced hikers would often underestimate the dangers of the area, causing themselves to get hurt or lost.

Aiden and Cooper were one of the only two K-9 search and rescue teams for the entire area. The Clear Mountain Search and Rescue unit was comprised of only three other officers and a sergeant. The constant call-outs to the surrounding mountain areas kept the team busy.

This evening, a call from Boulder came in from a distraught wife. She reported her husband had not returned from his weekend hiking trip. Her concern resulted in deployment of the rescue team.

“K-9 2, this is K-9 1, we aren’t having any luck over on this side. What’s your status?” a deep male voice echoed out over the radio.

Aiden pulled the receiver for his radio free from his dark blue uniform and pushed the button on the side to talk back. “K-9 1, we might have gotten a possible beat over here.” Pulling a map out of his back pocket, Aiden glanced down to confirm his location. He was still getting used to the area after transferring from Boulder County Police a year prior. “We’re two clicks from Meadow Ridge near the cluster of pines by the twin boulders.”