It's Not Right...but It's Okay(9)

By: Anuj Tiwari

He picks up a notebook. Turning the pages of the book, he notices the sketches on the last page.

‘You sketch?’ he asks her.

‘That’s Angira’s,’ she answers, taking the notebook from his hand. She sits next to him and the bed creaks.

‘Anushka, start dieting,’ he says, and immediately bursts out laughing.

She is a little embarrassed. ‘Shut up! Are you done laughing?’

‘So are all these related to fashion? These designs are really nice.’

He flips through the pages of the notebook while talking to Anushka about random things.

‘I feel Angira needs to go out. She has changed a lot, but just because she is going through a heart break doesn’t mean she should pause her life. I know she can manage herself very well. She just needs some time to get her life back together,’ Anushka says.

‘Hmm, I agree. So where is she? When is she coming home?’

‘Must be on her way back by now.’

‘So this is the only reason why you girls made me come from Kolkata to Delhi. You owe me a treat if Aunty agrees.’

‘Promise,’ Anushka says, crossing her fingers.

She is lying down on the bed next to Arjun.

‘It’s been a long time since you last came home,’ she says, staring at the ceiling.

‘Yes, more than two years.’

‘Did you notice Mom? She became so happy after seeing you. She misses a son in the family.’ Anushka pushes his legs making more room for herself on the bed.

‘I am always there for her. The son of this family…’

Arjun doesn’t let her feel that she lost a brother and that Aunty lost her son in a road accident two years ago.

‘I am hungry, let’s go,’ he says.

All Indian mothers operate from the kitchen.

Aunty announces, ‘Arjun! Anushka! The food is ready.’

They all gather at the dining table in the hall, and relish each bite of the aloo parathas with curd and butter. Along with dinner, Dimpy aunty brings her humour to the table as well.

‘Before marriage, Punjabi girls are hotter than the girls of any other state. After marriage, they are fatter than the women of any other state!’

‘Speak of the devil and devil is here,’ Anushka says as Angira appears in the hall.

‘We were not talking about her, were we?’ Arjun jokes.

‘She’ll kill you if I tell her what you just said,’ Anushka says.

Arjun looks at Angira and murmurs, ‘I didn’t say anything.’

‘Hey, how are you? I didn’t say anything about you.’

Wearing a salwaar kameez and her hair in a braid with a ribbon, Angira looks like a typical Punjabi girl. Her natural jet black hair curls around her forehead. She looks rather cute with a reluctant smile. Her lips are pink, always ready to curve into a smile. She has the perfect curves. At five feet four inches, with beautiful eyes and red cheeks, her soft and flawless skin possesses a natural glow, almost radiating a positive energy.

‘I am good. Hope you are doing well. Good to see you home,’ Angira says, smiling.

‘Yeah,’ he replies while eating the last bite of his paratha.

Keeping his word to Anushka, he asks Dimpy aunty, ‘So Aunty, Anushka told me that Angira is coming to Mumbai for fashion designing.’

‘Yes, she wants to,’ Aunty says from the kitchen.

‘When is she going then?’

‘Beta, we don’t know anyone there. It’s a new city. I am telling her to get into a good college in Delhi if she really wants to study.’

‘Oh Mom, don’t start again. I have decided, that’s it,’ Angira says, and goes to her room.

‘See,’ Aunty says, frustrated with her daughter’s tantrums.

‘Every day we hear something in the news. So I asked her to look for something here in Delhi. I don’t feel safe sending her out of town,’ her mom explains. She has already lost a son. There’s no way she is going to leave her daughters alone.

‘That’s true but Mumbai is a safer place, you know. She can go there if she wants to go. I saw her sketches in the room and she really has potential,’ Arjun openly declares his support for Angira.

‘Yes, mamma, he really liked them. I mean he is impressed.’ Anushka adds, trying to make a strong case on behalf of Angira.