It's Not Right...but It's Okay(78)

By: Anuj Tiwari

Mayank, Ankit and Ankur, thanks for being with me from the day I used to ring your doorbell to go for tuition classes.

Sneha Panday, for standing by me, with whom I spent the most wonderful time.

I am not mentioning any more names because everyone who is connected to me, whether on Facebook, Twitter or offline, is precious for me. So I thank them, as they all are my extended family.

I love my family for watching over me and for listening to me always—for the support that went beyond this book. Moreover, thanks to all those who unflinchingly gave me their hand to hold. They are the ones who read the book, sitting together like school kids.

In addition, those who criticized me, pulled me back and kicked me out of their lives in my toughest times, I want to say thanks to them. Somewhere they gave me the courage and passion to go ahead in life.

A lot of love to the cities I spent a few years of my life in—

Bareilly: For bringing me up with affection and helping me learn how to be happy with the small things in life.

Lucknow: For always treating me like its own son and giving me so much love.

Kanpur: Where I spent a year of my life and learnt about friendship.

Guna: The place that made me an engineer and a narrator of my own life, and for those treasured memories of college days.

Delhi: This place gave me memories to remember for the rest of my life.

Mumbai: It is known as the city where people come to fulfil their dreams, and I know it to be true.

Bangalore: The city of lovely, romantic weather and wonderful people. I thank you for the lovely time.

Kolkata: Last, but definitely not the least, thanks to Kolkata for appreciating my writing and giving me so much love.

I intentionally write about my readers in the end so that I can end the book with my appreciation for them. You were always my strength. I always intend to write true stories which happen around me and inspire me to write. After all, why should I write fiction when there are so many real stories around me. Warm thanks to all my readers, those who are connected to me on social media, as well as those who are not. You all mean a lot to me; I try my best to answer your messages and mails. So, stay connected. Keep smiling. Love you all.