It's Not Right...but It's Okay(7)

By: Anuj Tiwari

‘But what’s the matter?’ he asks, putting aside the cup which is not yet empty.

‘Nothing. And it’s not difficult for you to come with me tomorrow. You know Mom, she gives weight to your words. I just want to help Angira start a new life,’ she says as she stirs her coffee.

‘Anushka, my flight tickets are booked,’ Arjun pleads, clasping his hands, still trying to figure out why she’s so insistent.

When you are in trouble, you just need one person to pull you out of it. In his case, it was Anushka. He can’t find a reason to say no to her. In fact, he doesn’t even want to because in his worst days, it was she who stood by him when there was no one else. He decides to go to Delhi next week. Managing his itinerary should not be a problem.

‘I expect you can afford cancelation charges and don’t worry, I’ll book the tickets for you,’ she says.

‘It’s not about the ticket, it’s…’

‘Then you are coming to Delhi with me. I’ll cancel your ticket and get the other one with me,’ she says, grinning at him.

‘Heads you win and tails I lose. Nicely played, Miss Anushka.’

‘Yes, I have been smart since our college days.’

‘That I am sure of, because in childhood you must have been really dumb!’

‘Shut up! I was always smarter than you at least. And don’t forget that I know all the naughty things you tried on your girlfriends during our college days.’

‘I was immature at that time,’ he says, trying to avoid having that discussion. ‘Okay, I’ll be coming with you. Over and out.’

‘By the way, it’s only you and me travelling together this time, so you can be sure you’ll have a good time with me.’

‘You are so smart,’ he says

‘Since the day I was born,’ she winks while sipping her coffee.

After spending some time exploring the streets of Kolkata, they head back. The next day, they travel to Delhi.

Arjun feels ignored as Anushka constantly texts someone on their way to the arrival terminal at the New Delhi airport. He finds this behaviour a little discourteous. After trying to ignore it for a while, he can’t take it anymore and speaks up.

‘Who is messaging you continuously?’

They are both walking in the lobby of the airport.

‘Oh! Somebody is feeling jealous, is it?’ she mocks him.

‘I am not feeling jealous, I am feeling ignored. There is a difference, isn’t there?’ He looks at her faking the expression of being in pain.

She starts laughing. ‘You haven’t changed in all these years. I think you still feel jealous.’

‘Don’t worry, I am not messaging any guy,’ she added after a while.

Despite their differences, the two have developed a platonic relationship that Arjun won’t risk for anything. It’s a universal fact of friendship—that you can’t see your best friend with anyone else.

‘I am not saying that,’ he says, trying to cover up his blunder.

‘I’m sorry. I was texting Angira. She’s just about to reach the airport to receive us. I think she’s running late.’

She types out her last message and keeps her cellphone in the back pocket of her denim.

‘Now, what are you trying to find down there?’ she teases him for staring at her butt. ‘Nice, isn’t it?’

‘Yes, very much, now let’s go,’ he says, ignoring her words.

Her cellphone rings.

‘Where are you?’ she asks the person on the other side who he assumes must be Angira.

He starts setting his hair and licking his lips to make them look fresh and lively. He calls them the natural and instant make-up tool for guys. He cannot pinch his cheeks in public to make them blush. Fortunately, he is never conscious in front of Anushka, who knows everything about him—from his waist size to his snoring.

‘By the time you get ready, I will be there. So no need to come, Angy. I will be there in thirty minutes.’ She looks at him and continues, ‘Yes, he is with me, we both are coming.’ She disconnects the call and keeps the phone back in her pocket.

They walk to Aerocity metro station to take the Airport Express to New Delhi metro station. Once in the cab, they gossip all the way to Anushka’s home in Daryaganj.