It's Not Right...but It's Okay(6)

By: Anuj Tiwari

‘Yes, you are responsible for my good and bad habits.’ Arjun smiles looking at her.

‘Oh please, not your bad ones,’ she says, still eating the piece of chocolate.

Sometimes, you just need a shoulder to cry on or someone to laugh with, and that is what best friends are for. Anushka has always been that friend to Arjun.

‘So how’s Aunty?’ Arjun asks.

They both come out of the bookstore and walk towards Coffee World.

‘Mom is fine.’

‘And how’s Angira. I got your message but didn’t reply because I wanted to talk about it over the phone instead of doing it over messages. Now that you are here, we should talk.’

Karaoke Night

Angira is Anuhska’s younger sister. She always wanted to start a venture of her own but she was confused. Left with no other choice, she joined Delhi College of Engineering. She stayed in the hostel with her friends, which was a big transition from living with her parents. She became a gutsy, outgoing girl. After spending four years in college, she wants to take the risk of studying fashion designing in Mumbai in order to start her own business. She believes Punjabis are meant to do business.

Few days ago, he got a message from Anushka that Angira is going through a difficult phase, one that everyone goes through in life—Love. The foundation of every problem, and sometimes, a solution too.

Arjun and Anushka enter Coffee World. He takes his blazer off and they both sit in a cozy corner of the coffee shop.

‘She wants to go to Mumbai, says Anushka.’

‘So what’s the problem if she wants to come to Mumbai?’ Arjun asks

‘There is no problem but after what happened in the past, Mom won’t allow her to go out of town in this situation.’ She looks worried and fiddles with the menu card as Arjun places an order for two cold coffees.

‘Which situation?’ he asks.

The waiter places two cups of coffee on the table.

‘She is taking sleeping pills and Mom is worried about her. She doesn’t listen to us. Everyone goes through a break up, but it doesn’t mean that one has to ruin one’s life over it. Now she says she wants to do fashion designing.’

Arjun pushes a cup of coffee on her side of the table. It’s obvious that he cares for her and gets worried when she is in trouble.

‘If she’s so interested, she can just study from a good college in Delhi itself. There are so many good institutes in Delhi. She doesn’t have to go to Mumbai,’ he advises.

Anushka tears the sugar pouch and pours it into her cup. ‘You want some sugar, too?’

Mulling over something, Arjun politely says no.

‘Don’t worry, things will be fine. I’ll talk to her if you want,’ he says.

‘Yeah, sure. That might help.’

She continues taking long sips of the cold coffee. ‘You know what, last week, at the dinner table we were talking about random things and then Angira started teasing me, saying that if I don’t get married to you, she will.’ They both burst out laughing, forgetting that they were at a coffee shop.

‘What she needs is a good college,’ he says, trying his best to digress. ‘That should distract her from these random thoughts.’

‘No, I am sure she likes you. Should I bring her to Mumbai?’ she teases him.

‘She’s mad. You guys getting together will be the perfect combination—one will love me and the other will care for me.’ he replies in jest.

‘Shut up and listen,’ she cuts him short but is herself filled with a sense of uncertainty over how Arjun will respond to what she’s about to tell him.

‘Yes, sure,’ he replies with enthusiasm.

‘Why don’t you come to Delhi with me?’ she says in one go. Before Arjun can say anything, she adds, ‘And you are coming to Delhi next week anyhow. So prepone your schedule if you have any. You can meet Mom as well and tell her that you live in Mumbai. That will help Angira get her permission to go to Mumbai.’

‘I am coming to Delhi next month, so we’ll surely meet then,’ he responds.

‘I am talking about this week, Arjun,’ she presses him.

He is utterly confused now. Why is she insisting on him meeting her mom so suddenly? Girls never tell everything at once, their secrets unfurl like in a game of cards. He knows that by the end of this, he is going to be either one of them—a Jack or a Joker.