It's Not Right...but It's Okay(10)

By: Anuj Tiwari

In Arjun’s mind, things are taking a different direction. He is not sure yet about looking after Angira in Mumbai. What if something happens to her in the future that Dimpy aunty might not appreciate?

Angira comes back and joins them.

By the way mamma, because Arjun is there in Mumbai, if Angira wants any help she can simply call him. Plus, living in a new city might help her feel better as well.’ Anushka looks at Angira and then at Arjun.

‘Yes, I agree,’ Arjun says while smiling reassuringly.

‘Yes, Mom, please let me go. My friend Charu is also going, please. I will study hard, promise. Please…please…please,’ Angira pleads.

‘How will you manage your accommodation and food there?’ she asks, finally showing signs of agreement. She is warming up to the idea, but her heart is still not completely convinced.

‘I can take care of that, don’t worry. If she wants to come to Mumbai, let her come, but she must promise that she will study hard. No late night parties.’ Arjun puts forward his conditions, though he knows Angira will not follow these rules.

Angira gives him a puzzled glance as to why he would say the last sentence—‘No late night parties’—because her mom anyway doesn’t know about the night-outs she goes for.

‘Yes, I promise, Mom. Let me call Charu.’ She texts someone on the phone.

Arjun understands that things seem to be going as per plan for Angira, but he’s still clouded with doubts. He realizes that one can walk with someone but can’t walk for someone.

‘I don’t have any problem sending her to Mumbai, but given what happened with her in the past I am really scared,’ Dimpy aunty says while seating herself on the sofa.

‘Mom, let’s not go there. Everything is fine now. So why are you worried?’


‘No ifs and buts, everything is fine, Mom. Let me go,’ Angira says, kissing her mom on the cheeks.

‘Ask your father once,’ Dimpy aunty says.

‘I have already informed Papa that I got into a good college. He was waiting for your green signal!’ Angira seems set with her plan.

Arjun is just listening to the whole conversation like a school kid in a classroom.

‘Okay, so everything is done. Happy? Now go pack your bags and get ready,’ Anushka announces.

‘Mom, make us some coffee for now. I am taking these guys out later and will drop Arjun as well. He needs to catch his flight back to Mumbai. I will call you if I get late.’

‘Coffee is ready,’ Angira says.

She looks like the real Angira now—happy and cheerful.

‘You came just for a day?’ Aunty questions Arjun.

‘Yes, I came for some work and thought I must drop by to meet you. I have to come again next week,’ he says, giving Anushka a nervous glance.

‘But you…’

‘I couldn’t prepone the plan,’ Arjun tells Anushka. She remains silent.

‘Very nice, beta. Thanks for coming here. Come again. Whenever you come, I feel so happy,’ Dimpy aunty says while Anushka and Arjun are busy gossiping.

‘Adopt me then,’ he says, making her laugh. That is what she likes best about him—his ability to make someone laugh no matter how tense the situation gets.

These are Arjun’s best known qualities amongst his loved ones—to infuse every moment with humour and the tendency to look ahead with a positive attitude.

‘Anytime, beta,’ Aunty runs her hand over his head.

Anushka hands over the car keys to Arjun as they begin preparing for their departure.

‘Am I going to drive?’ he asks.

‘Yes. While you are in Delhi,’ she responds.

‘But I don’t know the roads here.’

‘You have roamed around more than I have for sure. Don’t make me open my mouth,’ Anushka mumbles so that Dimpy aunty cannot hear their conversation.

Arjun smiles and remembers how years ago he used to roam around the streets of Delhi with Anushka by his side.

Arjun is ready within minutes, and after seeking blessings from Dimpy aunty, he leaves with Anushka and Angira.

‘It was nice meeting you. You can come anytime you want to.’ Aunty pats on the back of his head when he touches her feet. She gives him her blessings, ‘Rab rakha puttar, jeeta reh.’