Infinite Desire(9)

By: Danielle Jamie

I imagine Trixie will be one of those girls hanging off of an A-list celebrity as they make their way outta the hotel. She’s a fame whore, and always seems to land on the arm of guys whose career is booming at the moment. She’ll do anything for her five minutes of fame.

“Well Knox, you’re being awful quiet tonight. I think you need something to distract you, and put you in a better mood.” Trixie’s says placing her hand on my thigh, slowly working her way up to the crotch of my jeans.

I quickly grab her hand, stopping it as she tries to slide it along the inside of my thigh. “I’m fine. If you’re looking for a good time Trixie, you’ve come to the wrong place. I’m not interested.” I’m hoping she takes notice to the annoyance and disgust in my voice and fuckin’ leaves.

With her mouth hanging open, Trixie stutters momentarily, as her brain; which by my guess isn’t much bigger than that of a pigeon, tries to process the fact that I’m turning her away. I can’t help but laugh to myself. I bet I’m the first to tell her no. With that thought, I’m starting to feel sick, because now I can’t stop thinking about how many guys she’s probably been with. The fact that I’ve slept with her just makes me feel fuckin’ nasty.

Finally able to form a sentence, Trixie burrows her eyes into me, “What the fuck is stuck up your ass Kayden. Just because you cheated on your girlfriend, and she left your ass doesn’t give you the right to be an asshole to me.”

“Nothing’s stuck up my ass. I just don’t have any desire to fuck you when I know every guy with a couple million in his bank account has stuck his dick in you. I made the mistake of fuckin’ you before, but darlin’, it ain’t gonna happen again.”

Sneaking a look over at Dixon and Braxton, I see them both kicked back and enjoying the Trixie show. Just as Trixie is finally sliding off of the couch I hear Brooklyn, “What the fuck are you doing with Trixie?” She shouts standing beside our table, with her hands resting on her hips. Savannah’s standing beside her, with a look of pain washing over her gorgeous face. It feels like a sucker punch to my fuckin’ stomach. I don’t want her getting the wrong idea.

“Oh Brooklyn, it is so nice to see you too.” Trixie says dryly.

Brooklyn ignores Trixie, her focus is on me, her features are hard and cold, the funny carefree best friend to my sweet Savannah is gone. She takes another step getting inches away from Trixie. Snapping her attention from Trixie, Brooklyn yells at Kayden, “What. The. Fuck. Is she doing here?”

Fuck me, this night just keeps getting better. “Nothing’s going on. Trixie stopped by to say hello, but she’s leaving now.” I turn my eyes back to Trixie, emphasizing ‘now’.

I’m pissed off at the moment because of the shit with Shayne last night, but I still love Savannah and want to make things better between us. I just needed some time to clear my head. Seeing those pictures really fucked with my head. All the shit with Lulu instantly came back to me.

Trixie turns her attention to Savannah, “I can’t leave without introducing myself. We haven’t had the privilege of meeting yet!” God her voice is like fuckin’ nails on a chalk board. I swear my ears are going to start bleeding if I have to listen to her talk much longer. I’m too drunk to deal with this shit.

Stepping forward, Savannah stares intensely at Trixie with her poker face on. She’s sizing her up. I can’t control the smile stretching across my face and notice Braxton and Dixon have leaned forward in preparation of their front row seat for the event about to go down. Savannah doesn’t take shit from nobody. Trixie doesn’t know who she’s messing with.

Giving her a small wave, and a half smile, Savannah introduces herself. “I’m Savannah, Kayden’s fiancée.”

Hearing those words come out of her mouth sucks all the air from my lungs. I love her more than I love life itself, and to hear her call herself my fiancée after everything we’ve been through…It’s the greatest feeling ever. But bittersweet, because even though I love hearing it, it also makes my chest ache because I can’t get the image out of my head of her with Shayne last night.

“Well nice to finally meet you Savannah. Maybe now that you’re here, Kayden will pull whatever the hell is shoved up his ass out. He isn’t the usual Kayden I’ve come to know and love. He’s been a total prick to me.” Flashing her eyes from Savannah to me momentarily, Trixie has a look in her eye that tells me she’s not trying to play nice with Savannah.

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