Infinite Desire(7)

By: Danielle Jamie

Vertigo is packed and pitch black. The only lighting is the strobe lights, which is making it even harder to search for Kayden, Dixon, Jax and Braxton. After getting past Twiddle-Dee and Twiddle-Dum, we make our way through the VIP section. Stopping for a moment, we scan the area looking around at the tables of people. Thankfully everyone’s too busy partying to notice us staring at them.

“Kayden knows better than anyone to not believe shit he reads on Tinsel Town blog, but that picture…like the one of Nadia and him, may hurt your case a little. And we know Knox has a temper, so let’s pray he doesn’t run into Shayne tonight,” Brooklyn says as she continues looking for the guys. All I see is a bunch of old men surrounded by young bimbos doing anything to land their sugar daddy for the evening.

“I don’t see Kayden anywhere Brooklyn. I think we should text Dixon to see where they are, or Jax…I really don’t care anymore. I need to find Kayden and fix this.”

Looking defeated, and silently agreeing with me, Brooklyn digs her phone out of her bag. I feel someone brush by me, their cologne smelling all too familiar. The sounds of overly excited women beside me flood my ears. Turning around, my eyes fall onto Shayne. He’s with a group of girls who look like they belong in Hugh Heffner’s Playboy mansion.

Fan-fucking-tastic. I divert my eyes to the floor, spinning back towards Brooklyn. Gripping her shoulder, I push her and shout into her ear, “Go…now!” Tripping over her 6” stilettos, Brooklyn flashes a pissed off look at me as she catches herself on the stranger in front of her.

Too freaked out to care, I keep moving, “Shayne is right behind me, move your ass. Now!” I shout as I walk past her. Grabbing her wrist and pulling her behind me, I move as fast as I can to get away from Shayne before he recognizes me. I’m now grateful for this place being pitched dark, because that was almost disastrous.

“Damn it Savannah! I practically snapped my frickin’ ankle! Shayne’s here? What the hell? Does he have a freakin’ GPS on your ass or something?” She spits out as she tries to keep up with me.

With panic coursing through my body, I maneuver through the crowd trying to make my way out of the VIP area. Looking behind me I spot Shayne joining a group of people at a table. Seriously, I cannot escape this man!

Looking over at Brooklyn, I try to speak, but my voice shakes as my heart tries to slow back down to normal. I take in a few quick breaths before finally speaking. “I don’t know, but I swear, out of all of these people I could run into how is it Shayne and I literally bump into each other. Thank God, he didn’t realize it was me and try to talk to me. I just need to find Kayden and clear everything up.”

Making our way across Vertigo, we try to look around for Kayden and the guys. Dixon texted Brooklyn back saying they are here and just got a table. She had to tell him that we’re in Vegas so he wouldn’t think she’s being a stalker and checking on his every move.

He also confirmed to Brooklyn what I already knew…Kayden has seen the pictures from last night. Between being hung over and so stressed out, I feel literally sick to my stomach. I’m about two second’s away from bolting out of here and just waiting for Kayden back in Texas.

“Dixon said they’re on the far end of the VIP area. Since we know Shayne is sitting with his posse at the beginning of the VIP section, we’ll go around the other way. Try to avoid another run-in.” Taking my hand and giving me a sympathetic smile, we make the walk back to the VIP lounge.

Every step I take, the more nervous I become. Knowing Kayden is ignoring me and rightly pissed off, is ripping me apart. I should’ve done a lot of things differently over the last several days. Now I just hope and pray Kayden will have more faith in me than I had in him.

Chapter Two


This last week has totally fucked with my head. Every time I think I’m done with all the crazy shit that’s being thrown my way, something else fuckin’ happens.

After Zak was caught, and Savannah accepted my proposal, I thought all this crap we’d been through was done and over with. We could finally just sit back and enjoy our lives together. I figured right now she’d have me buried up to my nose with wedding crap. Like where to have the ceremony, what cake to have, and how many guests to invite. Instead, we’ve spent the last week apart with our future in doubt.

I was so happy when Savannah called me last night and told me she was coming back to Texas. But then I went from happy to fuckin’ pissed off in zero-point-two-seconds after she told me Giselle concocted this entire thing. Not to mention the betrayal of my Assistant, the one employee I should be able to trust without a second thought. It has me wondering what else she has disclosed to others that I don’t know about yet. They’ll wish they’d never messed with us by the time I’m through with them.

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