Infinite Desire(6)

By: Danielle Jamie

The dance floor is directly in front of us and is jam packed with people. I can’t help but think back to last year when we came to Vegas. It was just Brooklyn and I while Logan stayed back in LA for work. We had a blast doing a girls weekend. Gambling and dancing until four in the morning with total strangers. It was carefree fun. Its crazy reflecting back on my life a year ago, compared to what it is now. I was with Logan, and settling for what I thought was love. Before Kayden, I had no idea what true love felt like.

I’d take this crazy insane life over a quiet peaceful one any day. As long as I am with Kayden that’s all I care about. He makes all the trials and tribulations worth it. I know we’ve both made mistakes and been through a lot, but I believe our love is strong enough to make it through anything.

“Oh shit…you’re not going to like this, but things just got a little more complicated.” Brooklyn says with panic in her voice, snapping me out of my thoughts.

Taking in a sharp breathe, I prepare myself for whatever it is Brooklyn has to tell me. “Oh God! What now?” I ask leaning against the bar and watching Brooklyn as she reads whatever it is she’s looking at on her phone.

I am two seconds away from ordering a shot of Whiskey because I’m in desperate need of something to calm my nerves. To top it off, Kayden has yet to text me back, which is totally unlike him. He always responds back to me no matter how busy he is.

Stepping closer, Brooklyn squeezes herself between a group of girls shouting their orders to the bartender. “This is not good…God damn blood suckers. They will do anything for a story.” Shaking her head and looking as if she’s ready to kick the crap out of someone, she holds her phone up in front of me so I can see what’s got her fired up.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” I shout snatching the phone from her hands and scrolling as I speed read the story written about me. “Seriously, can I not go one freakin’ day without my name on this damn blog?!”

Brooklyn gives me a sympathetic look, but before she can say anything the bartender finally asked her what she wanted to order. Sliding my eyes back to her phone I read the words that will most likely ruin my night:

‘Savannah Livingston shows Kayden Knox his betrayal isn’t getting her down. She was spotted late last night; in Knox’s LA night club no less, partying it up with a sexy, up and coming UFC fighter, Shayne ‘Knock Out’ Andrews. Shayne has a fight against heavy weight champ, Juan Riviera next Saturday in Las Vegas.’

Of course the picture plastered across the top of the story is Shayne taking a belly shot off me last night! I swear I could kill Brooklyn right now. I never should’ve let her drag me up onto that bar. At the time I was so confused with everything going on with Nadia claiming she slept with Kayden, that I was doing anything to distract myself from the mess my life was.

I am sick and tired of the freaking paparazzi constantly in my face. It’s only a matter of time before they realize we’re in Vegas. Then they’ll be back to shoving cameras in our face and making up some more stories about us.

“Do you think Kayden’s seen this yet?” Brooklyn asks handing me my water.

Letting out a long sigh, I hand her back the phone. I’m done reading their half-truths and over exaggerated lies. Of course, they threw in the drama with Logan, Giselle, and her skanky, lying friend Nadia. I love how “witnesses” saw firsthand all the crap that went down last night, but couldn’t get a fact straight for the life of them.

Hopefully my PR can clean this mess up and Nadia keeps her word to tell the truth to everyone by letting the world know she lied. Everyone will know how low Giselle and Logan sank to try and break up Kayden and I. Paying someone to sell a false story to Magazines…It’s just pathetic and wrong on so many levels.

Knowing Shayne is here had my stomach doing flip-flops already, now it feels like it’s been tossed into a blender, and put on high speed. With this story being leaked and the press making it look like I hooked up with Shayne last night, there’s a whole new storm brewing.

“Well it may explain Kayden’s lack of response to the text I sent earlier. I told him last night I talked to Nadia and she told me everything was a lie. He was fine, I told him I’d be heading back to Houston and would see him when he got back from Vegas.”

“We’ve gotta clear this shit up. Pronto!” Grabbing my hand Brooklyn drags me away from the bar. We zigzag through the crowd of people dancing. After being groped by a sleaze ball, and then a couple getting hot and heavy bumping into me, I almost spilled my water down the front of me. We finally make it where the VIP entrance is. There are two bouncers observing who enters the restricted area because there are some big name celebrities here tonight.

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