Infinite Desire(5)

By: Danielle Jamie

“Hey, I can’t allow you to be the only one able to brag about the Texas sized-dick her boyfriend has. I’ve had my fair share of Oscar Mayer wieners, so when I get a large Southern sausage, I’m going to freakin’ brag about it!” Brooklyn says giggling and bumping hips with me. “Chill out Savannah. You’re going to go find Kayden, have wild animalistic make-up sex and all will be right with the world again.”

Leaning against the wall of the elevator, listening to the rock music pumping out of the speakers, I can’t help but feel a knot twisting in my stomach. I feel like it isn’t going to be that easy. I seriously wish I would’ve punched that bitch Giselle in the face last night. She is so jealous of my relationship with Kayden that she went as far as selling a fake ass story to the press. Then, having her friend tell various magazines that she slept with Kayden when he was in Paris for work.

I hate myself for doubting Kayden, but I didn’t know what to think. Logan cheated on me with half of LA, and I was freakin’ clueless that it was going on. He was just as romantic, and loving as Kayden. I’m only human. I just hope this doesn’t cause a strain on our relationship, and we can move forward with our lives. I want to start planning our wedding, and finally get our happy ever after. We’ve been through too much crap in such a short amount of time. I think it’s about time fate cuts us some slack, and let us be freakin’ happy!


After a lot of persuading we finally got into the party. I guess Vertigo is only open to guests who are on the list to attend. It’s some big UFC party for an upcoming fight next weekend. Brooklyn flirted our way through the line since the bouncer could care less that I’m engaged to the owner of the hotel.

The club is packed and it’s only nine p.m. I can’t believe some of the people who are here. I know UFC is a popular sport, but wow! Some of the biggest names in Hollywood are here tonight. My jaw drops when I spot the UFC poster hanging above the DJ. Staring down at me is Shayne…my random one-night-stand from last Halloween. Who just so happened to be in LA partying last night! No wonder he said he knew Kayden.

“Want me to go grab you a drink?” Brooklyn shouts in my ear, snapping me out of my state of shock.

Turning around I stare at Brooklyn with my eyes wide, the music is so loud it’s impossible to have a conversation without yelling to one another. Grabbing her arm and ignoring her question, I point my finger towards the DJ and the massive banner with Shayne on it.

I give Brooklyn my, ‘OH FUCK!’ look as I try to process that tonight may not go as planned.

“Holy shit! Shayne Andrews is Shayne…LA Shayne?! He’s a UFC fighter?”

Grabbing her hand I drag her into the bathroom of the night club. Pulling her down onto the circle couch in the corner of the room, I rest my face in my hands. “Oh. My. God. Brooklyn. What am I going to do if I find Kayden, and he wants to introduce me to the fighters he’s hosting this party for? What do I say? Oh hey, I already know him because he handcuffed me to his car and fucked my brains out last Halloween?!”

Brooklyn not holding back laughter, tells me, “Your life is juicier than the damn soap operas Savannah. You just can’t make this shit up!”

Dropping my hands onto my lap, I drag my gaze from the tile floor and lock eyes with Brooklyn. “I’m glad you find this whole thing so entertaining.” I say with a little more attitude than I planned, but I am royally pissed off right now.

Gripping my shoulder and shaking me until my teeth rattle; Brooklyn flashes me a small smile, “Listen, that’s just worst case scenario. This place is bursting at the seams with people. I highly doubt you’ll see Shayne. Hell, it’s going to be hard enough tracking down Knox in this place tonight.”

I guess she’s right; the odds of seeing Shayne are pretty slim. This place is insane, and more than likely he’ll be sitting in a VIP booth the entire time drinking expensive champagne while being surrounded by bimbo Barbie’s.

“You’re right. I need to stay sober and alert tonight. Let’s go to the bar and I’ll grab myself water. I am not letting anything get in the way of Kayden and me again. I just want to find him, and get the hell outta hear.”

Standing, I adjust my dress, check my make-up in the mirror and work up the courage to head back out into the club. I’m praying tonight doesn’t turn into a drama fest!


Standing against the bar, I watch the Go-Go dancers beside the DJ while waiting to order our drinks. Brooklyn is texting away on her phone while I’m scanning the club for any sign of Kayden.

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