Infinite Desire(4)

By: Danielle Jamie

“Yeah, and I’m Celine Dion. Sorry doll, you’re not the first nor will you be the last to try and get up to Mr. Knox’s room. If you’d like to book a room, I’d be more than happy to help you. If not then please be on your way. I have a line of people behind you eager to get checked in and start gambling.” She says with her voice dripping with annoyance.

I know she’s only doing her job, and I appreciate that because I don’t want any skank off the street to mosey on up to my boyfriend’s suite. But my face has been all over the place for Christ sake! We just did an engagement announcement with People magazine! I definitely don’t want to call Kayden and tell him I’m here. I really want to surprise him. I could call Jax, but I hate asking him to lie to Kayden.

Pulling out my iPhone, I scroll through my photos and pull up a picture of Kayden & I. Letting out an exasperated breath; I hold my phone in front of her. “There, now can we please have our key cards.” Dropping my phone back into my purse, I glance at Brooklyn who’s about one second away from jumping over the counter and grabbing a damn key card herself. I definitely don’t want to cause a scene and be dragged out of here by security. That would be mortifying!

Giving me a weary glance she finally tells us, “I’ll need to see your I.D.’s and then you’re good to go. I’m sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you understand I’m just trying to do my job.” Brooklyn and I waste no time fishing our I.D.’s out of our wallets. Within seconds Vivian is sliding over our key cards and welcoming us to ‘Fabulous Las Vegas’.


Looking in the mirror I am shocked at my appearance. I’ve finally put some weight back on from my accident, and I’ve got a kick ass tan going on. I just straightened my hair and finished the last few touches on my makeup. I slipped into a micro-mini sequin dress and hot pink pumps; hot pink is my signature color. I’m going to get my man and make him want to take me into the closest room we can find.

I can hear Clarity blasting from Brooklyn’s phone as I walk into the living room of Kayden’s penthouse suite. Thankfully they’re all out, so it gave us time to freshen up before we go and hunt them down. I immediately know its Dixon calling her. She set that ringtone for him a few weeks ago and it is perfect for them. I can’t for the life of me wrap my head around whatever the hell they are. She’s sort of tag-teaming between Jax and Dixon. As soon as he heard from Kayden that things were getting serious between Brooklyn and Jax, Dixon started showing up a lot more.

“Heyyyy!” I hear Brooklyn say in her valley voice. “Oh really, well sounds like you’re having a hell of a lot more fun than Savannah and I.”

I called it weeks ago. I told Brooklyn he doesn’t want to commit to her, but doesn’t want her to commit to anyone else. He wants her to be with just him, but wants the freedom to stick his dick into any other chick he wants. If I were Brooklyn, I would’ve kicked him upside the head a long time ago. I guess she enjoys the drama and excitement. I know for myself, I much rather stick to a low key, drama free relationship. I’ve had enough drama in my life these last several months to last me a freakin’ life time!

Walking across the marble floor, my heels are clicking and clacking with the sound echoing throughout the massive suite. Grabbing my clutch, I dig my phone out and check my messages. Brooklyn is just ending her call with Dixon when I finish up my text to Kayden.


I can’t wait until Wednesday, so I can finally c u & make up for lost time. Glad all this shit is behind us so we can finally move on with our lives. <3 u! c u soon xoxo

Wrapping her arm around my waist and pulling me against her, Brooklyn flashes me a devilish grin practically blinding me with her megawatt smile. “Okay, so here’s the plan. Dixon said they’re all leaving dinner and heading back here for some UFC party they’re throwing at Vertigo. So we need to get our hot little ass’s outta here in case they decide to stop up here for anything beforehand.”

“Dixon? Seriously, Brooklyn?” I ask with sarcasm in my voice. Shaking my head at her, we quickly head out of the suite, and down to the elevators.

Letting out a small laugh Brooklyn snaps her head around, “Hey! Don’t judge me! That guy is a rock star in the sack. Jax can rock my world; don’t get me wrong, but Dixon is in a category all his own. You can tell he and Kayden are related…that’s all I’ll say.”

Rolling my eyes and letting an aggravated moan escape my mouth, I whip my eyes from Brooklyn to the elevator. “Brooklyn, I really don’t want to hear about Dixon’s penis at the moment.” Pressing the button for the elevator we jump on as soon as the doors slide open.

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