Infinite Desire(3)

By: Danielle Jamie

“I’m going to fly back to Houston tomorrow. I’ll let you know my arrival time first thing in the morning.” I tell Kayden matter-of-factly.

“I’m so happy to finally hear those words come out of your mouth, baby. It’s been a long fuckin’ week. I’m never letting you go again, even if I have to tie your stubborn ass up and lock you in a closet.”

I let out a small laugh as I think back to Kayden fucking me into oblivion with the best ass fuck of my entire life while in my closet.

“What?! You don’t believe me? Laugh my sweet Savannah, but baby, I ain’t lyin’.” Kayden’s husky laugh is like music to my ears. After a week of absolute misery, I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

“I believe you. I was just laughing because I was recalling a particular time when you were ravishing me against the wall in a certain closet. We definitely gotta do that in your beach house. That closet needs christening.

“Well darlin’ sorry to burst your bubble, but we’ll have to christen the closet on Wednesday. I just flew into Las Vegas today with the boys. We’re doing a guy’s weekend before Braxton settles down and starts poppin’ out babies with Mya.”

“Okay. I hate I have to wait until Wednesday, but you’re worth the wait. Just as soon as you step through that door, I expect to see you naked in that closet wearin’ nothing but your cowboy hat.” I blush at my brazenness, but since I’ve been with Kayden I’ve been a lot more vocal about my wants and desires.

“Fuck baby. Don’t talk like that when I have to wait four more days to see you. I’m gonna have to go rub one out in the shower. I can’t get the image out of my head of you very satisfied on the closet floor.”

Fuck it. I need to be with him as soon as physically possible. First thing tomorrow I’m crashin’ his guy’s weekend and flying to Vegas.

A yawn escapes my mouth. Even though I want nothing more than to stay awake all night on the phone with Kayden, my body betrays me, screaming at me to sleep. My eye lids are heavy; between crying and being completely spent, I can’t fight sleep any longer.

“Goodnight baby. You’re tired and it’s late. Call or text me tomorrow letting me know when you’re flying back to Texas. Love ya, baby. Everything will be better once we’re back home together.” Kayden drawls into the phone, his voice is like a lullaby soothing me.

“Night, Knox. I love you too, more than the moon and all the stars in Texas.” Hanging up, I flick away the last of the tears from my eyes. I’ve cried too many tears over the last several months. Patting my eyes with my blanket, I roll over, curl into a ball and fall asleep the second I shut my eyes.

Chapter One


"Vegas baby!" Brooklyn shouts for the entire city to hear as we step out of our taxi at the entrance of Kayden's hotel and casino. It's right down the road from Paris.

Taking in the bright lights of Vegas Strip and the Eiffel Tower all lit up, I try to get Brooklyn to focus on the task at hand. "Brooklyn! Focus! We need to find Kayden."

Rolling her eyes and letting out a dramatic sigh, Brooklyn reaches for my hand and pulls me towards the entrance of Knox Hotel and Casino.

"We'll find Kayden...then we're going to hit the clubs!"

With Brooklyn, we'll either end up in jail or close to it by the time we're through with sin city.

Walking into the lobby I waste no time heading straight to the registration desk. Thankfully the line isn’t too long. Sliding my oversized sunglasses off; I toss them into my purse. After a few minutes of waiting, and inhaling clouds of second hand smoke, I finally approach the counter.

“Hi, welcome to The Knox Hotel and Casino.” The middle aged woman says, greeting us with an overly enthusiastic smile. I don’t know how these people have a voice left after working in a casino full of cigarette smoke all day. I’ll surely be suffering from laryngitis by the time we leave Las Vegas.

Digging my wallet out of my over-sized purse, I flash a small smile. “Hi, I’m Savannah Livingston, my fiancé is Kayden Knox. I just need a key card to his penthouse suite.” I try to keep my voice down and not draw attention to us, but that’s hard to do especially with Brooklyn. She is popping her gum and chatting everyone in line behind us.

Squinting her eyes at me, the woman with the name tag reading Vivian, looks me over with nothing but doubt in her eyes. I can only imagine how many women try to get up to his suite once they learn he’s in town. It makes my skin crawl thinking about how many women Kayden brought back to his suite. It wasn’t too long ago he was as big of a man-whore as Dixon.

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