Infinite Desire(10)

By: Danielle Jamie

Trixie is trudging on choppy waters right now. I don’t for a second doubt Savannah will go all country on her ass if she says the wrong thing. My girl is small but she’s a bad ass if you push her too far.

Clearing her throat, Brooklyn reaches over the table, and snatches Dixon’s shot out of his hand. “I think you may want this.” She says holding it out to Savannah.

Rolling her eyes she reaches out, taking the shot from Brooklyn. “Yeah my staying sober tonight just flew out the window.” Savannah says tipping her head back and downing the shot of Whiskey.

I can barely think straight having her close to me after a week of being so far away from one another. Seeing her hurtin’ is killin’ me, but...Fuck, I'm hurtin' too.

She should’ve known how I would feel seeing another man with his mouth on her body. She’s mine. Every. Single. Inch. Savannah belongs to me.

Trixie turns her attention to Savannah once again, “So what was it like shooting someone? I could never do that. Seeing blood…yuck! It makes me so queasy!” Shaking her head and pressing her hand against her chest, Trixie flashes a sympathetic look at Savannah. I can see through her act. She is being the Trixie I know…a self-centered bitch, who sees Savannah as competition.

At the same time Braxton and Dixon snap their heads at me, all of our expressions are screaming the same thing, Holy fuckin’ shit! Did Trixie seriously just fuckin’ ask Savannah that!

“Trixie, you need to get the fuck outta here, before I pick you up and remove you myself!” I hiss through clenched teeth. I can’t take the painful look in Savannah’s eyes as she stares at Trixie in shock. I love her way too fuckin’ much to allow this stupid slut to say anything to Savannah about Jacob. She needs to fuckin’ go!

Everything happens so fast; before I know it, Savannah’s hand is connecting with Trixie’s cheek. The techno music is thumping so you can’t hear the force behind the slap, but Trixie’s cheek immediately turns fire red and she falls back into the booth. “I cannot believe you just fuckin’ asked me that! Who does that!?” Savannah shouts with her face inches from Trixie’s.

Savannah’s eyes are large and twinkling with tears. Before I can get out of the booth she’s spinning around to leave our VIP area. Stopping momentarily to look back at me, she holds her hand up motioning for me to stop. “Don’t!” Is all she says before storming off.

I’m dumb founded. This is not how I’d planned our reunion    . Thanks to Trixie, Savannah is pissed at me…again! I can’t catch a fuckin’ break!

Focusing all of my anger on Trixie, I tear my gaze away from Savannah and back to Trixie, who’s cupping her reddened cheek. Before I can even get a word out Brooklyn is bringing down the wrath on her.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?! That was low even for you!” Brooklyn shouts throwing her hands in the air, as Trixie flinches backing away from her. Brooklyn’s entire body is vibrating with anger, looking like she’s a few seconds away from beating Trixie’s ass. Trixie immediately jumps up out of the booth, in an attempt to level the playing field with Brooklyn.

Snapping out of my state of shock from what just transpired, I follow her and climb out of the booth, grab Trixie’s arm and force her to look at me. “You’re a fuckin’ idiot you know that! What the fuck is wrong with you?” I yell as she pulls her arm from my grip. Trixie keeps looking from Brooklyn to me, with not an ounce of regret in her eyes. This bitch is getting a high off of the hurt she’s caused.

“What? I only asked a simple question? I was curious? How was I to know she’d go all crazy and attack me! She’s lucky I‘m not speed dialing my father’s attorney to draw up assault charges on the crazy bitch!”

Brooklyn takes another step towards Trixie pointing her finger an inch from her face. I am shocked at the fact that Brooklyn hasn’t thrown a punch yet. I glance over at Dixon who’s focused entirely on Brooklyn with a cocky grin plastered across his face. He’s enjoying himself immensely.

“You may be blonde Trixie, but you’re far from being that stupid. You’re an evil bitch who has no fuckin’ life, so you get your kicks from making everyone around you miserable! You think Savannah’s slap hurt? Just remember, I throw punches bitch, and I don’t hold back. You even think about causing any more heartache for Savannah and I’ll beat your ass seven-ways-to-Sunday!”

Clenching my fists I fight the urge to physically remove Trixie from my club. She needs to get the fuck outta here before I lose it. Dixon and Braxton must notice my entire body shaking with fury, because they leap to their feet, quickly trying to get Trixie to go elsewhere. I’m grateful when I spot them dragging her over to one of our bouncers and he escorts her out of the club.

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