How to Drive a Dragon Crazy

By: G.A.Aiken



Addolgar: Bercelak the Great’s older brother.

Aidan the Divine: A gold dragon and a Mì-runach warrior.

Ailean the Wicked: (aka Ailean the Whore) Father to Bercelak the Great.

Alppi: Eldest son of Eymund Reinholdt. Dagmar’s nephew.

Angor: Mì-runach legion commander.

Annwyl the Bloody: Human Queen of the Southlands, mate to Fearghus the Destroyer. Lives on Garbhán Isle. Nicknames: Mad Queen of Garbhán Isle, Blood Queen of Garbhán Isle, the Blood Queen.

Aoibhell: Teacher/philosopher when she lived, did not follow any god. Dagmar follows her teachings.

Arzhela: Goddess of light, love, and fertility.

Austell the Red: Éibhear’s friend when he was still a recruit in the Dragon Queen’s army.

Ásta: Kyvich legion commander.


Bercelak the Great: Mate and consort to Queen Rhiannon, father to the Queen’s royal offspring.

Borderlands: Territory between the Southlands and the Desert Lands, houses the salt mines.

Bram the Merciful: Branwen and Celyn’s father. Mate to Ghleanna the Decimator.

Branwen the Awful: (aka Brannie or Bran) Izzy’s cousin and captain in the Dragon Queen’s army.

Brastias: Morfyd’s human mate. General Commander of Annwyl’s armies.

Briec the Mighty: Adoptive father to Iseabail the Dangerous and birth father to Princess Rhianwen; mated to Talaith, Daughter of Haldane; second born son and offspring to the Dragon Queen.

Bryndís: Second in command in the Kyvich legion.


Cadwaladr Clan: The royals’ “poor” relatives, the Cadwaladr Clan are warrior dragons used by the Dragon Queen to protect her territories.

Caswyn the Butcher: Mì-runach and a black dragon.

Celyn: Cousin to the Dragon Queen’s royal offspring, Branwen’s brother, and one of the Queen’s Personal Guards.

Centaurs: Half-human/half-horse, able to shift to fully human, and are revered and, in some instances, feared by the dragons.

Chramnesind: God of earth and pain. Also known as The Sightless One.

Claiming: The ritualistic branding performed between dragon couples upon mating for life.


Dagmar Reinholdt: (aka The Beast) Gwenvael’s mate, daughter to Northland warlord The Reinholdt, Steward to Annwyl the Bloody, and Battle Lord of Garbhán Isle.

Dai: Horse to Iseabail the Dangerous.

Dark Plains: The home of Garbhán Isle and the human Southland Queen.

Desert Lands: The southernmost territory inhabited by the Sand dragons and the warrior race of humans.

Devenallt Mountain: The home and royal court of the Dragon Queen and her consort.

Dragon Queen’s Personal Guard: Handpicked warriors whose calling in life is to protect the queen with their lives.

Dragonwarrior Trials: The trials performed by soldiers from the Dragon Queen’s army to move into the upper echelons of the Dragonwarriors. In order to become an officer in Her Majesty’s army, one must be a Dragonwarrior.


Ebba: Centaur and royal nanny to the twins and Princess Rhianwen.

Éibhear the Contemptible: Fourth-born son, youngest offspring to the Dragon Queen and Mì-runach Squad Leader.

Eirianwen: Human goddess of war and death. Mate to Rhydderch Hael.

Elisa: Nolwenn Elder and Izzy’s great grandmother.

Eymund: Dagmar Reinholdt’s eldest brother.


Fal: Brannie and Celyn’s older brother.

Fearghus the Destroyer: First-born son and eldest offspring to the Dragon Queen, first in line to the royal throne, mated to human Southland Queen, Annwyl the Bloody.

Fire Dragons: Southland dragons ruled by one queen, the ability to breathe flame is their natural weapon.

Frederik Reinholdt: Eighth-born son of Fridmar Reinholdt. Dagmar’s nephew.

Fridmar Reinholdt: Dagmar’s brother.


Gaius Lucius Domitus: Iron dragon and the Rebel King from the west.

Garbhán Isle: Seat of power of Annwyl the Bloody.

Ghleanna the Decimator: Branwen’s mother. Bercelak’s sister. Bram’s mate.

Gwalchmai fab Gwyar, House of: The Dragon kin’s royal name.

Gwenvael the Handsome: (aka Gwenvael the Slag) Mate to Dagmar Reinholdt, third-born son and fourth-born offspring to the Dragon Queen.


Haldane: Talaith’s mother.


Ice Lands: The ice-covered lands far north of the Northlands.

Imperial Guards: Sefu city guards.

Iron Dragons: Silver fire breathers that separated from the Southland dragons centuries ago and moved to the Quintilian Provinces and Western Territories to rule over the human Sovereigns.

Iseabail the Dangerous: (aka Izzy) Daughter of Talaith and adoptive daughter of Briec. General in Annwyl’s army. Chosen champion to Rhydderch Hael.

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Keita the Viper: Second-born daughter, fifth-born offspring to the Dragon Queen. Bound to Ragnar and a Protector of The Throne.