Four Play

By: Maya Banks



Shayla Black




C H A P T E R | O N E

Zoe Michaels climbed on top of Chase Hilliard, their sweat

slicked bodies humming with arousal. She lowered her head until her mouth hovered over the shallow indention of his navel, and she fl icked her tongue out, rimming the edge.

She smiled when he shuddered beneath her lips. He was highly sensitive in that area. It drove him crazy when she touched his belly button.

The tips of her breasts grazed his abdomen when she moved higher. She straddled his hips, and his balls rested against the juncture of her thighs. If she moved even the teeniest bit, her clit pressed against his sac.

Chase groaned, “You are such a damn tease.”

He reached for her, but she playfully dodged him, taking his hands and guiding them instead to her breasts. He eagerly complied and brushed his thumbs across her nipples, bringing them to rigid points.

She closed her eyes as he played. She loved having her breasts



touched. So much of her sexuality was wrapped up in her breasts.

It seemed silly, but she’d rather have a man’s mouth on her nipples than her pussy any day.

And her neck. Oh God. She went positively weak whenever Chase nibbled at her neck. Hell, all he had to do was touch her there and she became a gelatinous blob. And to his credit, he loved to stroke her nape. They’d sit on the couch watching movies, and he’d idly pet and caress her neck until she put an end to her torment and jumped him.

Sort of like she was jumping him now. Only she’d already jumped him, and now she had every intention of revving him up again.

Her hands curled around his cock, and she purred in contentment as she caressed his length.

“Quit making that sound,” Chase grumbled in a strained voice.

“You know it makes me crazy. What guy doesn’t get off on knowing his girl is satisfi ed by his equipment?”

She grinned and leaned down, her hair falling like a curtain over his chest. She kissed the hollow of his chest and lapped at the salty taste of his skin.

She rose up just enough to get his cock underneath her. As soon as she tucked the head to her entrance, they both caught their breath. His hands gripped her hips, his fingers digging into her ass.

Then she lowered, taking him inch by delicious inch.

“Holy hell,” he breathed. “You feel so damn good. I should be worn out and have a serious case of shriveled dick after you worked me over, but I swear you look at me and I get hard again.”

She straightened, sending him even deeper, and smiled down at him. “You say the most gorgeous things. It’s a good thing you say them when we’re not having sex too, or I’d think you only love me for my body.”

He slid his hands up her sides and then cupped her breasts in his palms. “Who says I don’t?”





She laughed and planted her hands on his chest as she arched up and then moved down to sheathe him.

“Tell me your deepest, dirtiest fantasy,” she challenged.

He closed his eyes for a moment as she clamped down around his cock, milking him with her internal muscles.

“You already know all my kinky fantasies,” he said raggedly.

“I’m an open book.”

“I don’t believe that for a minute. There has to be something you’ve fantasized, something so outrageous you’d never admit it to me.”

He looked up in amusement. “And you think I’d tell you now?”

She leaned forward until her mouth was just a breath from his.

“Tell me. Give me the inside scoop on that tawdry mind of yours.”

“Okay so it’s not exactly the kinkiest thing in the world. It just sounds . . . strange I guess.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Oh do tell. I’m dying of curiosity now.”

He grunted and pulled at her body, lifting her until her nipple rested against his mouth. He’d pulled her nearly free of his cock, and just the head rimmed her entrance. He slid his tongue over one nipple, and her vision went all blurry. Damn the man, but he knew all her buttons.

To make matter worse, he slid a hand around to rest on her nape, and then he simply squeezed just as he sucked her nipple hard between his teeth.

She went wet around the tip of his cock. She drenched him, and then he ran his hands quickly down her waist, gripping her and ramming her down onto his dick.

“Oh God,” she breathed. “Oh shit.”

“Not yet, Zoe. Not yet, baby.”

It was all she could do not to give in and slide over the edge.

“I’m at a strip club.”

His husky voice washed over her, eliciting a deep shiver. She loved it when they talked about their fantasies. There was some



thing intensely sexy about his voice when it dropped and he spoke to her in low, hushed tones as if he were afraid for anyone else but her to hear.

“I’m there with the guys. The other fi refighters. Everyone from the station. The lights go down and the music starts. This really gorgeous woman strolls onto the stage like she fucking owns it. She has killer legs, hips that make a man ache to touch, and an ass that inspires some dark fantasies.”

She watched as his eyes grew dark and he got into the spirit of the game. His body tightened, and his cock pulsed deep inside her pussy.

“She throws off her top, and she has a set of tits that make every man in the place drool. Just right. Not too big, not too small and they’re fi rm. Her entire body is just tight.”

He began to move slowly within her, stroking in and out. She let him dictate the pace, and she just sat astride him as he worked her hips with his hands and thrust with his.

“She’s you,” he whispered. “And every guy in the place knows you’re mine, and they’re jealous as hell. You’re dancing and watching me with this mysterious smile. There’s not a guy in the entire club that doesn’t have a hard-on the size of a tree trunk, but they know you’re mine, and they hate me because they know you’re going home with me. But you put on a show for them and I watch, loving every minute of it.”

She moaned softly and undulated her hips over him. “You like the idea of other men watching me?”

“Oh hell yeah,” he breathed. “I love them watching, knowing they can’t touch what’s fucking mine. I love that they’re jealous, and they’re all wondering what you see in me and they think I’m the luckiest son of a bitch alive.”


She let out a breathy sigh as she imagined herself doing just the





things he fantasized about. Dancing in front of a room full of men all focused on her.

The possession in his voice, the pride in his ownership tightened every nerve ending until she gasped for breath. She loved that he was so into her, so proud of his relationship with her.

“Not yet, Zoe,” he reminded her.

Shit. She was close. So close. She squirmed as she tried to hold her orgasm at bay.

“And what if they touched me,” she whispered. “What would you do?”

He rolled, tucking her into his arms and coming to a stop, him still buried deep, their positions reversed. His eyes glittered as he stared down at her.

“Do they touch you in your fantasy, Zoe?”

She swallowed and slid her hands up his arms to his broad, muscular shoulders. She loved touching him. It was something she never got tired of doing. He’d worked hard for his body. He stayed in tip-top shape. His job as a fireman demanded it. And she enjoyed the benefi ts. Oh hell yeah, she did.