Escape in You(105)

By: Rachel Schurig

My earlier exhaustion forgotten, I make quick work of her t-shirt and jeans, swearing under my breath at the sight of her black bra and underwear. “You’re so gorgeous,” I say, pulling a strap down her shoulder so I can trail my tongue along her skin. “So gorgeous.”

“I need you,” she says, no fear or hesitation in her voice. It’s the thing I love most about her. I used to tell her all the time that she was a badass, but that really doesn’t begin to cover it. I’ve never known someone so brave, so strong, so fucking amazing in every way.

I tell her these things as I remove her bra, as I kiss my way down her chest to the swell of her breasts. I take a peak into my mouth, feeling like I might just die when I hear her moan. “So gorgeous,” I repeat, slipping my hand down to her heat. This time my mouth is on hers when she moans, swallowing the sound, taking it into me and making it my own. “I love you.”

“Taylor,” she gasps. “You feel so good.”

I raise my head enough to see her face as I slide into her. Her eyes are wide, her mouth parted open, and I can’t help the shudder that courses through me. “Good” doesn’t begin to cover this feeling.

She takes my face between her hands, staring right into my eyes, into my heart. “I love you.”

I hang on to her words as I start to move in her. Our lives are still pretty messed up. We have so far to go, so much to muddle our way through. Sometimes the pain of what we’ve lost almost feels like too much. The world isn’t always the way I drew it in my piece today. Sometimes it’s scary and sad and really fucked up.

But none of that shit can touch us, not really, not when we’re together. This moment, this closeness with her—she’s my escape from the world. As she runs her fingers through my hair, gasping my name, I know she’s close, and I know she feels it too.

I want to watch her fall over the edge, want to see her fall apart in my arms. But the edge is coming for me, too, and it’s so overwhelming I almost can’t take it. So I whisper her name, close my eyes, and, finally, find my escape in her.