Demons of Desire (Half-Breed Series Book 1)(3)

By: Debra Dunbar

I thought Darci was going to wreck the car from laughing. “One guy? One guy? Seriously, Amber, once you get them in the sack, it’s ‘adios my friend’.”

“I’m not … no way,” I sputtered. How could she think that? I’d had plenty of relationships. Yeah, none had lasted very long, but that wasn’t my fault.

“Oh, let’s see … Darius, Nick, Brent, Jason.”

“Jason dumped me,” I protested.

“Zac, Scott, Theo.”

“Hey, I dated Theo for a month. That’s not a one–night–stand!”

Darci made a “pffft” sound and waved her hand at me. “It took you that long to sleep with him. Remember, finals? Then he had the flu. Then you went on that ski trip. Once you guys did the nasty, Theo was yesterday’s news.”

My head whirled, and I stared at Darci open–mouthed. She was right. This problem of mine had been going on longer than I’d thought; I just hadn’t realized it. She glanced at me, smiling fondly.

“It’s okay, Amber. Doesn’t make you a bad person. Actually, I always thought it was kind of funny. Guys are usually the ones that do this; it was refreshing to see the tables turned.”

No, it wasn’t funny. It was just as shitty as when guys did it to girls. These were nice boys that I’d screwed over, that I’d hurt. I hadn’t realized it back then, but now the thought of it devastated me. I’d hidden some things from Darci — things she would never believe anyway, but I needed to let her know how terrible this made me feel, how I didn’t want to be that sort of person.

“It’s not okay. There’s something wrong with me, Darci. I want to have a long–term relationship. I want to meet someone nice, fall in love and commit to them. I’ll never have that, and it hurts. It hurts almost as much as how I treated all those guys.”

“You will fall in love. You’ll find the right guy, and it will all click into place.” She gave me a quick, mischievous look. “Now tell me all about this sexy scoundrel you ditched up in Maryland. I live vicariously through your tales of sexual conquest, you know. What’s his name?”

“Irix.” I didn’t want to think of him, let alone talk about him, but I knew Darci would never give up until she’d heard all the details.

“Oooh, exotic! Is that his first or last name?”

It was probably one of many names. I’d been told demons have quite a few and are very cagy about letting anyone know all of them.

“I’m not sure. It’s the only name he goes by.”

“Like Madonna, or Sting? How did you meet him?”

Now this was the tricky part. I couldn’t really say my demon parent had sent an incubus to teach me how to deal with my succubus side.

“My family contracted him as a sort of life coach for me. That’s why I can’t just avoid him. He’s there every day, following me around, pestering me to do this or do that. I told him to go home and leave me alone, but he won’t until he feels I’ve learned what I need. It’s his job.” And I got the feeling he was getting quite a kick out of it too.

Darci scrunched up her face. “Ugh. Totally hot does not outweigh bossing you around. That sucks. What happens if you just tell him to kiss off and do whatever the heck you want?”

Heat roared through me. I felt my face redden.

“Oh!” Darci chuckled. “You bad girl, you! Well, no need to worry. You’re safe here from Mr. Sexy Life Coach, and I’ve got all kinds of fun activities planned.”


Fun starts now.” Darci grinned as she parked.

A wide expanse of green spread as far as I could see on the opposite side of the street — the manicured lawn dotted with ancient, sprawling trees. My breath caught at the sight.

“My friend, Jordan, works for the Department of Parks and Recreation. I conned her into giving you a tour of Audubon Park.”

Jordan was short with an athletic build, dark red spirals of hair and a café au lait complexion. She grinned and pumped my outstretched hand enthusiastically.

“Darci tells me you’re an environmental biology major? I graduated last year, and I’m working on my Masters down here. You’ve no idea how glad I am to meet you. Darci is bored to tears with my ramblings about trees and wetlands.”

“Just biology,” I corrected with an apologetic smile. “I haven’t decided on a specialty, but I’m leaning towards botany.”

“Kindred spirits,” Jordan exclaimed, raising both hands. “New Orleans is heaven to us plant lovers. Let me show you around Audubon Park.”