Demons of Desire (Half-Breed Series Book 1)(117)

By: Debra Dunbar

“It sounds like ‘Traitor, betrayer of your people and harlot to the demons. You will be lower than the buried corpse in our new world, cursed by all your kind.’” Nyalla’s eyes grew big. “What did you do? I’ve never heard an elf say that kind of thing before, and, trust me, I made them plenty angry when I was a slave there.”

So this was worse than ‘rotted whore’. At least it seemed the elf didn’t realize I was a half–breed. I was being cursed for siding with others against my own kind, and having sex with Irix. As bad as it sounded, being mistaken for a full elf might just be the thing that saved my life. Again.

“Oh, and I almost forgot — this came for you this morning.”

Nyalla handed me an overnight mail envelope. Weird that someone would send something to me at my brother’s girlfriend’s house. I’d never lived there. Wyatt didn’t receive his mail there. As far as I knew, Nyalla and Sam were the only ones who did. I didn’t recognize the scrawl of handwriting on the label, and the return address was indecipherable. Huh.

I tore open the top of the envelope, dumping the contents into my lap. Inside was a sheet of paper and a note. My heart beat out of control as I recognized the bold, dark script.

See you soon.

Unless he was standing in the doorway, it wouldn’t be soon enough. Still, tears sprang to my eyes. He was thinking of me, planning on returning. I’d wait; I’d wait forever. Opening the other sheet of paper, I realized I wouldn’t have to wait forever, only until March, because it wasn’t a sheet of paper — it was an airline ticket.

An airline ticket to Maui.