Demons of Desire (Half-Breed Series Book 1)(10)

By: Debra Dunbar

The monster inside me took that statement all wrong. I felt her banging on the cage. Yes, I do want to come here. More than once. With several partners. I pushed her back and smiled at the doorman, raising an arm to brush back my hair, fully aware of what that did to the breasts barely contained within the plunging neckline of my dress.

“I … I can’t. Fire code only allows so many in at a time. I’m sorry, but you’ll have to wait.”

Well, I tried. I turned to the girls and shrugged. Then I caught Darci’s expression. Right before she hid behind a perky smile, I saw the disappointment. I actually felt it. There was something here — someone here that she really wanted to see.

Don’t let your friend down. I can help.

Dratted monster. Would it hurt if I just let her out a little? Not much. Not enough to wind up naked on the pavement with the doorman. I gave a raised index finger to the girls, silently asking them to wait just a moment, and turned back around. The cage doors opened just a crack, and the monster emerged, meek and compliant.

“My friends and I would really like to party here. Won’t you please let us in?”

I felt tendrils snake from me, undulating as they encircled and caressed the doorman. Too much. It was too much, but I couldn’t help myself. I felt them roam across his skin, filling every sense, suffusing his very pores with need. He gasped and staggered back a step, his pupils so large his brown eyes appeared black. A nearly undetectable flush crept along his cheekbones, and his pants tented painfully outward. I should know, I was looking. And I couldn’t avert my gaze if my life depended on it.

He was gorgeous, I suddenly realized. Ebony skin with a shaved head and muscles on top of muscles. My eyes roved as his had done, and I liked what I saw. No. No, that wasn’t right at all. My monster liked what she saw. She wasn’t especially discerning. Yes, he was attractive, but not my type. No, not my type. Okay, he was my type, but I wasn’t going to seduce this man. What was I doing drowning in his eyes, envisioning his hands caressing my breasts?

You’re admiring your latest conquest, that’s what you’re doing. The monster was indignant. I’d insulted her, but I didn’t care. I was desperate to get her back under control, even if it meant we didn’t get to go to this fantastic club. Even if it meant I disappointed Darci.

“Yes. Of course. All of you. I only ask … please, please … .”

His voice trailed off, and I realized that he didn’t really know what to ask. Some bit of his brain must realize how crass it would be to beg me to suck him off right here in front of everyone, but another part desperately wanted me. Maybe I wasn’t the only one with two warring halves within.

“Later,” the monster purred. And as impossible as it seemed, the man’s erection got even larger.

No. Not happening, I scolded the monster. It had only been four weeks, and she was already acting like I’d denied her for centuries. I’d give in, but not with a stranger minding the entrance of a dance club. If I had to live with some kind of weird sexual addiction, I’d do it on my own terms. The monster pouted, but thankfully didn’t push the issue.

He opened the door, wincing as if it hurt him to move, and I walked in followed by the four girls. They whispered behind me, and when I cast a quick glance over my shoulder, I saw Darci grinning in excitement. I led the way down a long hall, and Jordan jogged up on her four–inch stilettos to whisper in my ear.

“Sex magic. Holy cow, that was electric. How did you do it without any incantation? Without any spell components?”

I ignored her, pretending that the thumping music spiraling down the hallway had rendered me deaf. Great. She’d witnessed me bring an ancient tree back from death’s door and thought I was a kindred spirit. Line–jumping at a trendy club had clearly moved me even further up in status. Hopefully she’d get drunk and not remember anything.

“The tree thing was just amazing. A–maze–ing. Light everywhere, and I actually felt the energy pulse through me. What you did to that guy at the door was subtle. Don’t get me wrong; I’m impressed. That guy will be jerking it to thoughts of you for a week.”

He was lucky. If I’d actually slept with him, he’d be jerking it to thoughts of me for the rest of his life. I picked up the pace and tried to wedge myself past Gabrielle in the narrow hallway. My auburn–haired nemesis blocked my progress with her shoulder and craned her neck at an impossible angle. It was a real feat of agility on her part to remain upright, given her sky–high heels and twisted posture. I sent a pleading look toward Darci, using the silent communication best friends had when they were trying to get rid of a clingy, unwanted guy. With a skill born of years of field hockey practice, Darci body–blocked her friend, and I darted past Gabrielle to safety.