Defying Her Mafioso(10)

By: Terri Anne Browning

“They wouldn’t make a move on him without informing me. The MC’s VP is in Connecticut as we speak. Their president won’t touch Jr without Hawk Hannigan’s say so. Not after what has happened to his woman.”

“Will she live?” Vito asked from his seat behind his desk.

“The blood poisoning is bad, but the doctors have assured my people that she should make a full recovery.”

“Good. A pissed-off gang of bikers is not something any of us need storming around this city.” Vito turned his blank stare on Volkov. “I’ll expect regular reports from you or your second-in-command. Santino is all of our problems and until we get him neutralized none of us will know peace.”

“Agreed.” Volkov moved away from the window. “You will have my full cooperation regarding this matter.”

“Wait,” Vito commanded in a tone that few men had ever ignored, when Volkov looked as if he was going to leave. The Russian paused and looked at Vito, his face blank. “Stay away from my daughter, or Ciro’s earlier promise will become a reality.”

“I’ll make sure to make Anya aware of the possibility.” With that he walked away.

“That could be a problem,” Cristiano muttered once he was gone.

“If it becomes one, I’ll handle it,” I promised my friend. With pleasure.

“No,” Vito said after a moment. “No, let’s see what happens first.”

“You know he will make a move on her, Papa.”

My head felt like it was about to explode. I knew they meant Victoria, but all I could see was the the way Volkov had looked at Scarlett and I wanted to tear that fucker apart.

“Yes, I do know.” His eyes darkened. “Have him followed. Tell your men to keep their distance though. As I said, let’s see what happens.”

Chapter 4


When the taxi pulled up outside of a club I was unfamiliar with, I knew instantly that Victoria was up to something. There was a line two blocks long of people trying to get in. Three bouncers stood by the ropes that kept everyone back, only allowing a few in at a time as more people left.

Shooting my smiling twin a glare, I didn’t immediately turn when one of the bouncers stepped forward and opened the back door for me.

“Is this what I think it is, Tor?”

She gave me a sly grin. “You said to pick a club, so I picked a club.”

“A club that’s probably owned by Adrian Volkov. Papa’s head will explode if he finds out.” I didn’t even think about how big the mess would be if he found out Victoria and I had snuck out of the compound. We’d done it hundreds of times in our teens and had only gotten caught twice, thanks to my twin’s genius planning.

Twice was enough for me to dread my father finding out again.

“Adrian doesn’t own Iron Hand,” she assured me, and I started to relax. “His sister, Anya, does.”

Damn it.


I bit back a curse as I finally gave the bouncer my hand and stepped out of the taxi. With the heels I was wearing, I needed his help to stand up straight. Why I had let my sister talk me in to them, I still had no clue. I’d been weak after my exchange with Ciro earlier and had been even less involved in the shopping process than usual.

Victoria slid across the bench seat and let him help her out next. Her heels were just as dangerous as my own but, unlike me, she walked like she had been born in them. Giving the bouncer a coy smile, she turned her head, letting her long red curls fall over one shoulder. “Volkov is expecting us,” she told him.

Wait—she was? When had Victoria spoken to her?

“Name?” the big man growled, and I stepped closer to my sister, wanting to put myself between her and the possible dangers this guy represented.

“Victoria,” she murmured in a voice that was soft and husky.

I saw the bouncer actually shiver. How the hell did she do that? She could bend any man to her will with just a simple word, and I wanted to know how. Maybe if I knew how, I could have convinced Ciro years ago that we were meant to be together. I realized I’d been wrong but, hell, I couldn’t stop thinking about the ‘what ifs’.

Lifting his hand, the bouncer touched the communication device in his ear. “What should I do with Victoria?” His eyes didn’t give away what whoever was on the other end was saying. “Yes, ma’am.”

The man moved to the entrance and held the door open for us. “Go straight in. Miss Volkov is in a meeting right now, but she will join you at the bar on the second floor when she’s finished.”

As soon as we stepped into the club my senses went into overload. There were different colored lights everywhere, flashing to the beat of the music flooding through the club provided by a skilled DJ on a platform on the first floor. Sweet incense filled me with a feeling of calm even as I dreaded taking my next step inside. The space inside could easily hold two thousand people, and I was pretty sure there were at least half that in attendance right then.