OGs:Deep Down(8)

By: Elle Aycart

“Catfight. Brian’s wife got jealous,” she joked, trying to relax her muscles. No way in hell was she talking about what had happened.

The silence was long. Kyra lowered her gaze, feeling two pairs of eyes trained at her.

Angie cleared her throat. “You know what you really need? You need to get some. You’re too tense.”

“Some what?” Kyra asked distractedly.

Angie rolled her eyes. “Some, Kyra, some. What are you supposed to do when you fall off the horse?”

“Sell the horse?”

Red let out a chuckle, and Angie waved at Kyra. “No, you silly. You’re supposed to get right back in the saddle.”

Ah, that kind of saddle. She’d fallen off that particular horse years ago. It had been kicking her in the face ever since.

Kyra’s snort came automatically. “Is that your professional opinion as a shrink, that I need to get laid?”

“Well, as a matter of fact, it is,” Angie answered.

“Is that what you tell all those trophy wives between liposuction and liposuction, for three hundred dollars an hour?”

“No need. Trophy wives know about the need to get laid, and they do. Often, at least at the lake resort, and believe me, not always by their husbands.”

“I’m not a shrink,” Red interrupted. “And I also think you need to get laid.”

“Oh, I have it now,” Angie said. “In a month there’s the bachelors’ auction. We’ll raise funds and place a collective bid in your name. We may have to sell a couple of vital organs each for a shot at Max Bowen, but it should be worth it.”

For the first time this afternoon, Kyra broke into laughter. “Let’s try to keep our organs. We may need them.”

Max Bowen was gorgeous, no two ways about it, but he’d never done it for her. No one had done it for her except for… Well, yeah. No use dwelling.

“We’ll have to forget about Max, then. And Mike,” Angie added nonchalantly, as if she didn’t know what that name did to her and how Kyra was going to be paying attention to every single word. “Last year he raked in almost as much dough as the Bowens. Well, except for Cole. He totally refused to participate. Since coming back from the marines, he renovates a building for free every year. I think it’s to get out of the bachelor auction.”

She’d been away for a while, but she remembered the Bowens. Max, as charming and laid-back as always, was still a shameless flirt. James was now off the market, and by the looks of it Cole too.

“No bachelor auction,” Kyra stated. “There’s something very wrong about paying a guy for a date.”

“I’m with you there,” Red said. “You don’t need to pay a guy for a date. Any guy with half a working brain would give their left nut to go out with you.”

“Exactly. Just find yourself a hunky stud and ride it until you break it. Then move on.”

Kyra laughed at the image. Angie was insane, but maybe she had a point here.

She was twenty-eight, divorced, broke, and unemployed. Had been living like a nun for the last four years, even though she was often surrounded by drop-dead-gorgeous famous guys. Not all of them gay, mind you. The universe owed her some freaking rebound action, if for nothing else than as restitution for her shitty stars.

“Maybe you’re right. I may need a distraction. Some boy toy I can use on the rebound.” As a price for surviving the divorce. Hell, for surviving the whole marriage.

“That’s the spirit. There’s a certain tennis instructor at the lake resort who I’m sure wouldn’t object to being a boy toy. Tomorrow I’ll introduce you.”

She was going to tell her that tennis instructors were not her thing, especially if they were banging trophy wives, when the cheers of the girls stopped, and suddenly she felt the hair at the back of her neck stand.

Kyra stilled. Shit. Slowly, she turned to see Mike standing behind her in all his six-foot-four glory, his jaw locked, his piercing blue eyes ablaze and full of contempt.

Mr. Fucking Zen always had a smile for everyone. Not for Kyra.

Out of all the strip clubs, why, oh why had she ended up in the one he came to for entertainment?

She should have never moved back to Alden, not even on a temporary basis. Too bad she had been shit out of options.

He stared at her for what seemed like an eternity, and she felt her spine cracking. “Anything you want?” she countered, her tone snippy, her face catching on fire as soon as she realized what she said.

She should grow up. It’d been years, yet she didn’t know how to be around him without feeling defensive. And embarrassed and pissed and hurt. And small, so damn small.