OGs:Deep Down(115)

By: Elle Aycart

They hadn’t had to say much to Sam; the instant they’d sat her down and told her they had very important news, she’d asked, “Baby, right?” and then jumped from the sofa and started her crazy victory dance, screaming, “Yes, yes, I’m getting a sister!”

For the past months she’d been dropping hints about getting a brother or sister. She’d made it clear she preferred a sister, but as soon as she found out it was a boy, she’d changed her mind.

Kyra had been so damn beautiful growing heavy with Leo. When she was seven months pregnant and quite big, she’d brought him to her dance studio one night and given him a private performance. Fuck, he had never seen anything sexier than that.

He hadn’t missed a single doctor appointment. He’d gone to the prenatal classes. He’d been in the delivery room and had cut the umbilical cord before all but fainting.

Leo was a year old, and Mike still woke up every morning earlier than anyone else to watch his son sleep. And his wife and his daughter.

Kyra reached for the soda, pulling him out of his reveries. “I thought you’d run out on us.”

Yeah, right. In which universe would that happen?

As he kissed Kyra, Leo started gurgling and reaching for him.

“You want me to hold him for a while? You must be dead,” he whispered to his wife.

“I’m okay,” she said, smiling. She hadn’t let Leo go since coming back from the competition. As a matter of fact, it had been the first time since he’d been born that she’d traveled anywhere.

She’d been away less than forty-eight hours. A lightning-fast trip to LA just for the competition. She hadn’t wanted to go, much less now with Leo being so fussy teething, but Kendall and the other girls had insisted. This was their last competition as a group, before heading for different colleges next year. They wanted their coach with them.

“Come here, baby,” he said, directing her to the bench and sitting down. He took Leo and placed him on his chest. Then he nudged her to lean on his shoulder. “Rest.”

She looked at him, those smoky eyes he loved so much soft. “You know, there’s nothing sexier than a man holding a baby.”

Mike grinned. “Sure there is.” Her holding his baby.

They sat there for a while, listening to the music and the party going on in the dance studio.

“How was LA, Blondie?”

She stared into the dark sky. “Busy.”

“You saw Alexa?”

She nodded but didn’t elaborate. He knew Amantis was in LA, about to open their tour. Kyra was still their lead choreographer but hadn’t performed with them since getting pregnant.

“Itching to get back to the stage?”

Kyra turned to him and looked straight into his eyes. “Honestly?”

He kissed her softly on her lips. “Of course honestly.” He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Nope. Not in the least. When Sam was born, I did all that juggling between taking care of her and working. I didn’t get to enjoy her as a baby and the first couple years of her life are nothing but a big blur. I don’t want that again.”

“I’m by your side. You wouldn’t have that again, baby. I would make sure of it.”

“I know, but I want to be here. So barbecue the day after tomorrow at your parents’, right?”

“Yep,” Mike answered.

“Good. I saw this recipe on the Cooking Channel I want to try.”

He chuckled. Kyra had gotten into watching cooking programs during the last months of her pregnancy. After Leo was born, she moved to trying those recipes. Not good. Still, his parents ate everything she brought. He did too.

She wiggled her eyebrows. “And I got this huge water pistol in LA. Super Soaker 10,000. I’m so gonna wipe the floor with you guys.”

He looked at her, tenderness swelling in his heart. “Did I tell you lately I love you, baby?”

She smirked. “Only several times a day.”