Dating a Metro Man

By: Donna McDonald

Book Four of the Never Too Late Series


I have just one huge acknowledgement in this fourth and final book of the Never Too Late Series and it is to my readers.

Many of you contacted me after reading the other three books in the series to ask me about when this one would be done. You emailed, tweeted, and sent me queries and messages on Facebook, my Website guestbook, and my blog. Every time I saw another query, I was laughing, planning, and plotting how soon I could get back to writing the final book in this series.

Thanks also to everyone reading this who also took my survey about the challenges of technology for being in love and dating. I had some scenes written for this book containing my ideas about how technology can be very annoying to romance when it dawned on me that not everyone might feel as I do. Okay, I confess that I have the problem myself because I’m sick in love and committed to one of the gadget geekiest men I have EVER met. Wow, it’s so liberating to vent that. Anyway (she said, gritting her teeth and laughing), I just wanted to sanity-check if I was too biased to be fair about how awful a problem it was or wasn’t. Thanks to the survey, Bruce’s electronics won’t all die mysterious deaths after all and I won’t be doing an Alexa on his cell phone anytime soon and throwing it across the room.

Thanks to each of you for reading my books. I hope you enjoy this final one in the series.

Chapter 1

There was complete silence in the car as they drove away from Alexa’s and Casey’s house. Allen was okay with that because it gave him time to think of what he intended to say to Jenna Ranger when he broke up with her in a few minutes. Lauren’s celebration dinner had been a lot of fun right up to the part where Jenna put her hands in Seth Carter’s lap to brush food from his crotch.

The shock on Seth’s face at Jenna’s unexpected action had been comical. Seth had actually grabbed Jenna’s hand to stop her from stroking him but it had been too late to stop the inevitable from happening. Allen had wanted to laugh at Seth, who looked torn between embarrassment and open lust.

The blush on Jenna’s face when she realized what she was causing to happen to Seth had also been inevitable, as was the stammering apology she gave Seth as she ran away from him to the kitchen.

The idiocy Allen felt for agreeing one more time to being Jenna’s token date was immeasurable. He intended to never be such an idiot again. It wasn’t helping any of them.

“I’m sorry, Allen. I swear I’ve not been leading you on or anything like that. I like you, really like you, but I’m certifiably insane where Seth Carter is concerned,” Jenna said as Allen parked the car in front of her apartment. “I don’t want to feel anything for him. I don’t even know anymore what I do feel. He’s made a second career out of rejecting me, and I still can’t seem to stop being stupidly drawn to him.”

Allen turned his body in the seat until he was facing Jenna completely. He did his best to draw her gaze to his, but she was looking everywhere she could but at his face.

“Seth wasn’t rejecting you at your mother’s wedding reception,” Allen reminded her. “Any fool could see he wanted to drag you out of there, and that you wanted the same thing. I’m probably the only reason he didn’t act on that feeling.”

“Not true. Seth didn’t act because he never follows through on his feelings. Still, I didn’t mean to embarrass you then—or tonight,” Jenna said sincerely, her voice tight with unshed tears.

Allen Stedman, the best looking heterosexual man she knew, was sitting across from her and she wanted to cry because she had absolutely no interest in taking him to bed. For the first time in her life, Jenna truly wished she were more like her mother.

“Embarrassment is temporary, but you and I are not going to date anymore. We’re moving this relationship into friendship where it belongs, and here’s my first friendly piece of advice for you. Give Seth another chance. You need to explore whatever it is that’s between you,” Allen ordered. “Hell, if I had even a small chance at that much attraction to someone, I’d be all over that person.”

Allen saw his emphatic declaration brought Jenna’s gaze to his at last. Stubborn resistance wrinkled her forehead and made her frown. Jenna Ranger might often look like her glamorous mother, but she was a lot more emotionally complex and not nearly as nice. While that challenge held allure at first, over time it could wear a patient man out.

“No,” Jenna said, shaking her head in denial. “I can’t go back to Seth. The other forty or fifty chances were enough humiliation for a lifetime. I wish I could be the woman you’re looking for, and I mean that more than I’m going to be able to convince you.”