Daggers & Dresses (Enlighten Series Book 2)(88)

By: Kristin D. Van Risseghem

My BFF, Kieran, also will move the heavens to find me. He waited centuries to discover the girl who would save the world. It’s not in his character to stop.

And Sidelle went into her nemesis’s territory to help me get back home. I know she’ll, too, look into every alternate world known to her to rescue me from Aiden’s clutches.

A smile stretches across my face, thinking of Sidelle and wondering what she would do in my place. She’d say some snarky comment about not letting this situation dampen any of my training. Of course, she’d probably use her glamour to get her out, and I don’t have that option. Or do I?

Carefully reaching for the can of pop, I crack the top open and savor my first sip. Just because my sparring partner Cali isn’t here with me, doesn’t mean that I should stop conditioning myself. It will take my mind of my confinement. I move the tray off to the side of the bed.

I wish I had shoes and a change of clothes, but I make do. Raising my leg onto the bed, I stretch my calf muscles, hold it there for ten seconds and release. Switching legs, I repeat. I reach one arm into the air and grab the elbow with my other hand, letting the free arm dangle down my back. Rotating my head from ear to ear, until I hear a much-needed pop, then stand in front of the bed, making circle motions with my arms and my legs. After a few lunges I’m ready. In prayer position, I clear my mind and start the fighting dance. With graceful movements that flow like water, my arms and legs lengthen, stretch, and retract. The motions become a cross between yoga, ballet, and karate.

I’m not sure how long my routine lasts because I won’t make myself turn on my phone to check the time. Sweat beads along my forehead, and the hindrance of my long skirt limits my movements, but I can’t get myself to rip the bottom off. It is my prom dress, after all.

To cool down, I splash water on my face, and I wish I had a bar of soap to scrub my face clean of makeup. Grabbing one of the pillows, I tug off the cover and use it as a washcloth. Much better. I almost feel like a new girl. Almost.

I head back to bed and eat the sandwich and finish the can of pop. If Aiden wanted to kill me, I don’t think he’d do it with poison. That’s not his style. With nothing else to do, I lie across the bed, telling myself that every day, no matter what, I will do at least thirty minutes of exercise. Eventually, my eyes close, and I dream of an aqua pair staring back.


Captured by someone Zoe thought was a friend, she’s imprisoned and tortured. But the worst part is being forced to watch her friends struggle to find her through a magical mirror.

Zoe knows no one is coming to rescue her. She must save herself.

A battle is approaching, a war Zoe only has days left to prepare for. Evil is threatening to break through the earth’s protective barriers, and once it does, the world will end.

Nothing Zoe or her friends can do will be enough. To stop what’s coming, a price must be paid.

Its cost will be more than Zoe can bear. But she’s not giving up.

Hope will fight until her last dying breath.

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WARS & WINGS: Book 3 in The Enlighten Series.


Thank you to my family and to all the friends who have supported me through this whirlwind and crazy journey. Your encouragement means the world to me.

To my book club peeps and cheering sections: thank you!

A very special thank you to my beta readers: Kristi, Jennie, and Angela. You helped me make it shine.

To my friend Angie, who listened to my constant rants, both triumphs and complaints. You kept me sane whether you knew it or not.

To the Writer’s Block, Dakota County, and The Loft Literary YA Writing Group who shared their wisdom and experiences with me: thank you.

To my critique partners, Ann and Niki, for providing insight, picking up on my echo words and cutting the way too many ‘ing’ words.

To my editors: Genevieve Graham and Jen Leigh. You helped me create better sentences, better scenes, and deeper characters.

A warm and heartfelt thank you to Angela for another superb cover. I get so many wonderful comments from readers that they love them!

Jessica, your eye captured exactly what I was going for. Thanks for making the photo session really fun and entertaining. And who doesn’t want a shoe chair as a prop?

And lastly, to my husband: without your support in this whole process, none of it would be a reality. Thank you for attending the many fairs, show, boutiques with me!

Thank You.

~ Kristin