Daggers & Dresses (Enlighten Series Book 2)(3)

By: Kristin D. Van Risseghem

The angels believed I would join the Enlightens—the Eternals, the Naturals, and the Ordinaries—in their mission to stop evil from taking over and destroying the earth.

“Did she say her name?” Kieran asked, apparently not fazed at all by my idea.

“Grace,” I said.

“Grace!” Kieran slammed his hands on the wheel. “She’s the highest ranking Seraph angel. And if she said she’s your mother—”

“I know.” I beamed, hopping up and down. “She basically confirmed that I am going to be an angel, too.”

Angel Zoe.

When I turned eighteen in a few months, I would become the Seraph angel, of whom the Prophesy foretold. To mark me as an Eternal Enlighten, I would get a tattoo: a golden Triquetra symbol with wings.

I’d always thought of myself as an average seventeen-year-old girl. I’d never considered I might be special—or even extraordinary. But all that had changed when Grace said last night I was going to save the world.

Kieran smiled and shook his head. “Zoe, you’re not just any angel. You’re the angel we have all been waiting for. She validated that you are the one who was prophesized.”

AT LUNCH KIERAN AND I met in the library instead of the cafeteria. We needed privacy. I pulled out a chair, and Kieran sat beside me. I wished Shay were here. It was strange I hadn’t even received a text from him yet.

Kieran nudged my shoulder. “Vash invited us to the pack’s compound. We should share the information we have and get them to join us. We need them to fight.”

Vash Bellator, the Beta from the Spiritus wolf pack, had told us during a late night meeting last week that the wolves could kill the Marquises demons, and that they stay dead—unlike the demon knights, who, when beheaded, regenerate in Hell and come back.

I nodded. “When do you think we should go?”

“This weekend.”

“Road trip!” Sidelle squealed as she entered the room. “I love roads trips. When are we going?” Sidelle sauntered to the side of the table, her signature stiletto heels clacking on the floor with every step.

“We?” Kieran leaned against a bookshelf.

“Yes, we,” she replied. “You’re going to need me to help you pull this off. After all I can read the wolves’ minds when they let me. Besides, I’m going as the ‘Summer fairy representative.’” She air quoted. “If Alpha Keegan sees me, maybe he’ll be more inclined to help our cause.”

Sidelle always came in like a storm, like she had when she’d saved Shay and me last Saturday night. We went on our first date to a friend’s party, where I discovered Sidelle was a Summer fairy. She had revealed herself by saving Shay and me from more demons by manipulating the weather. She created a crater to swallow up the Marquises Demons—the warriors of Hell who had crashed the party. I’d been safe, though, because another one of my purple protective orbs had encased Shay and me. He was a little frustrated by that, since it wouldn’t allow him to help her, but I was just glad we were both all right.

I wondered how long this quest would take, and how long to find other Enlightens and get them to fight with us? Honestly, I hadn’t even known they existed until last week. But I’d figure out how to make time. I didn’t really have a choice. Besides, school was almost over, just another seven weeks to go. During the summer months, I’d have more free time.

If we were leaving this weekend, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’d have to think of something to tell my parents. I couldn’t be gone from school for days without them noticing. This could be difficult. Maybe Kieran or Sidelle would have some ideas on how I could do it. Or maybe we could make long weekends out of it and not have to miss school at all.

What would happen if and when we finally found these other Enlightens? Would they even consider uniting with us if they didn’t know for sure that I was the angel they were waiting for? I had no proof to show them, just a few amazing powers that only emerged when I was really scared. I’d have to get practicing, or at least figure out if I could control these powers. If I didn’t at least do that, there was no way they’d believe me. On the other hand, my friends would vouch for me. Confirmation from an angel and a fairy had to have some pull, right?

“Where’s Finn?” I asked Sidelle. Last night she had returned from her homeland, Fairyland, with a Winter fairy named Finn in tow to help us fight the demons.

She glared at me, tossed her head, and huffed away. Huh. Maybe that was a sore subject.

I sighed. “Okay, so let’s go over this again.”

“What do you want to go over?” Kieran asked.