Daggers & Dresses (Enlighten Series Book 2)(2)

By: Kristin D. Van Risseghem

“They seem to have a lot of stuff.”

“Yeah, especially for only two people. He just stopped over and introduced himself. You just missed him. It’s amazing. He looks like Sha—”


Kieran always made such a big deal out of things. I raised one eyebrow. “Yeah. He said his name was Aiden.”

Kieran’s body tensed visibly. “Aiden? He said his name was Aiden?”

“Uh-huh. Do you know him?”

“Maybe.” He rubbed his chin. “A long time ago, I knew someone who used that name.”

Chapter Two


“WHY ARE WE DRIVING to school?” I asked as we headed toward Kieran’s car.

“It’s safer and faster,” he said. “After last night’s demon attack, you can’t be out alone. Ever.” He opened the passenger door for me, and I climbed in, a little too afraid to protest. “Your safety is now priority number one.” He closed the door.

I waited for him to get in on the other side, thinking how only seven days had passed since my eyes had been opened to the Enlighten world. Last Thursday, Kieran and I had been chased by two demon knights sent by Sammael, the King of Hell. Even more amazing, as we fled the creatures, Kieran created a warehouse in the Void—an in-between place separating Earth, Heaven, and Hell where we could try to hide. When matters got really rough, I became completely surrounded and protected from the demons by a purple orb, which I apparently manufactured all by myself.

“Where’s Shay?” I asked. “How come he’s not riding with us?” That warehouse was where I had met a tall, drop-dead gorgeous guy, Shay Curator. He and Kieran fought the DKs—short for demon knights—and sent them back to Hell. Memories of those disgusting battle images, of black blood and decapitated heads, made me shudder.

“He’s with the Archangels for a meeting, so it’s just us for now.”

“A meeting on what?”

“To find one of the Seraph Swords.”

“Oh.” My shoulders sagged. “I hope he’s not gone long.” Shay had rescued me at the warehouse, then explained that he was a Nephilim, meaning he’s a half-angel and half-human. He had amplified human traits of super speed, hearing, and vision, which was why he’s a warrior for Heaven. While I had struggled to take all that in, we happened to touch—and that’s when we discovered that whenever we came into contact with each other, an electrical current ran through our bodies. Eventually, we learned that reaction meant we were soul mates. So, of course, I was concerned about him. He’s the love of my life.

Just then Mom pulled into the driveway with my little sister, Stella. They both got out and hauled sports bags from the trunk.

“Hey, Mrs. J,” Kieran said as he opened his door. “Let me help you with those.”

“Oh, Kieran, you’re such an angel,” Mom said. “Thank you.”

I had to snicker as I got out of the car and quickly followed him inside.

“Hi, Kieran,” Stella said shyly.

“Hey, Squirt. Just get done with soccer?”

“Yup. I hate these early morning practices!”

Mom stopped at the kitchen counter. “Zoe, honey, your dad won’t be home for dinner tonight until late,” she said as I entered the room. “I see the new neighbors are moving in. I’ll bake something while you’re at school, and we can bring it over this afternoon to welcome them to the neighborhood.”

“That sounds great.”

“Now hurry, so you have time to stop off at Coffee Grind before school. I know how you can’t function without it.”

I sprinted back outside and glanced over at the new neighbors’ house. Kieran stood next to me, and we watched the twenty or so movers haul the last of the boxes and furniture into the house. When they were done, the trucks drove away, leaving us to the early morning quiet.

“Earth to Zoe.” Kieran poked my shoulder and motioned to the car.

“What?” I cleared the images from my mind.

“I said, what you did last night was badass.”

“I know, right? I had no idea I could do that! It was awesome.” I hesitated. “But something else really weird happened after my hand started to glow. I didn’t get to tell you guys about it.”


“I heard a woman’s voice in my head.”

“Really?” Kieran asked. “What did she say?”

What a relief that he didn’t just laugh at me about hearing voices. Then again, he was an angel, my guardian angel, so he’d probably heard them a lot.

“She said she was my mother,” I told him, still in awe as I slumped into the car seat. “She also said to be prepared because more sorrow and death is coming.” I swallowed, afraid to hope for the impossible, but it had to be said. “And when she was speaking, I think she might have passed part of her Angel Light, what makes her an angel ... to me.”