Candy Coated Chaos (Sweet Treats Book 1)

By: Charity B.

To Mom and sister, Kristin: I know you would have been my biggest fans. If you could see me now, I know you would be proud that I followed my dreams. You both believed in me and I will never forget it. I love you and I miss you both every single day. I understand more than ever, how lucky I truly was.

She was delightfully chaotic; a beautiful mess.

—Steve Maraboli

Monday, April 20th

DAMN. THE BOTTLE-BLONDE THAT JUST got in the elevator is hot as hell. She presses the button for her floor and I lean back to properly check out her ass. Oh yes, very nice. Moving my suit sleeve, I look at the time… ten thirty. As I glance up, I see large, possibly fake breasts fighting to be contained in what can hardly be called a shirt. Her pencil skirt shows nice calves and I can’t keep myself from picturing those black pumps wrapped around my neck.

“Hi.” The word rumbles from my throat deeper than I intend in the small space.

Looking up at me, she smiles. “Hello.” Her attention shifts to the light tan Burberry bag hanging from her shoulder as she pulls out some papers and sighs. “I need to have this report to my boss by lunch and it’s nowhere near finished.”

I flash her a quick smile and point to my name next to CEO and the Vulture Theaters logo at the top of the page. “Make sure to put a line through the O in my last name.”

Her eyes bug out a bit as she gasps, “You’re Alexander Sørensen? It’s so nice to meet you!”

I take the papers from her hand. “How about this? Come to my office and we’ll go over these? And don’t worry about your boss. I’ll talk to him if you have any issues.”

She bats her eyelashes and smiles. “Thank you. That would be wonderful.”

Her finished report and our empty bourbon glasses are moving across my desk with every one of my thrusts. I hold her wrist so she doesn’t knock anything off and I’m fighting the urge to reach around and cover her mouth with my free hand.

I press my chest to her back and murmur in her ear, “You really need to keep it down.”

“Then you really need to ease up.” She moans, “You’re not exactly packin’ light ya know.”

The corner of my mouth lifts into a smirk as I flip her over to her back. The indentations from where my desk dug into her skin are marking her pelvis and I trace my thumb across the red lines, when a knock causes my head to jerk up to the door.

I completely stop, hold my finger to my lips, and slide out. The girl nods with a pout as I pull my pants back on. Combing my fingers through my hair, I smooth out the pale strands and try to straighten myself up as much as possible before I open my office door.

It’s barely cracked open enough to allow me to stand in the space and hide the naked woman in my office. Immediately, I’m required to look down, and when I do, I’m staring at the top of a girl’s head with chocolate hair that falls halfway down her back. Her fingers are wrapped around a lollipop that she’s clearly been working on for a while because there’s barely any left. When her head leans back and she looks up at me, all I see is bright violet eyes under wispy bangs.

Her stare sucks the air from my lungs and I have to consciously remember to breathe until her eyes shift to the nameplate by my door.

She’s short and skinny. I love the small ones and she’s fucking tiny. However, it’s her face I can’t take my eyes from. Her cheeks look so soft, I have to fight the urge to reach out and rub my fingers over them.

Her eyes widen before she squeezes them shut. She jerks her head as she whispers, “Shit.”

Looking in every direction other than at me, she’s clearly not sure of what to do. She’s so cute in her confusion, I can’t stop myself from grinning in amusement.

“Can I help you?”

Her eyes flip to mine and the hollowness in them takes me aback. She’s the living definition of a tragic beauty.

Stepping away, she holds up her hands as if I pulled a gun on her. “Oh no, uh… I’m sorry.”

Her voice is soft and raspy and seriously the sexiest thing I have ever heard. If I wasn’t hard before, I sure as hell am now. She spins on her heel and snaps her eyes to the slate-gray floor as she speed-walks to the next door. Being in an office building, she stands out in her flip-flops, skinny jeans, and sheer bohemian shirt.

After pausing to read Silas’ nameplate, she shakes her head and continues walking to Eric’s office. She looks back to the receptionist as she throws away the sucker and lifts a balled fist to knock on his door.

I fight the urge to laugh. What exactly is she doing?

The girl on my desk whispers behind me, “Is everything alright?”