Buzz (The Riley Brothers Book 1)

By: E. Davies


A fucking jock strap.

Jesus Christ, how much hotter could Cameron get?

Noah's jaw dropped. Cameron was kneeling across his stomach, leaning back on his heels. Callused hands slid his jeans down muscled thighs... and Cameron's package bulged forward. He was hard inside the stretchy fabric, and Noah needed to find out how hard.

He leaned up to press a light kiss along the inside of Cameron's thigh, bracing his elbow behind himself. There was stubble there – Cameron shaved and trimmed a little, then. He couldn't wait to find out how much.

Noah ran his hands up along the backs of Cameron's thighs to feel the bare, firm curves of his ass. God, what a great ass highlighted by the straps along the back of his underwear. He pulled Cameron down into him, making Cam's firm package rub against his thigh for a teasing preview for both of them.

Cameron grunted and pushed forward a little, his thighs twitching again. Noah knew Cam's cock had to be getting uncomfortable. He hurried to free it and pull aside the pouch of the jock strap.

“That's so fuckin' hot,” Noah whispered. The stiff warmth of the erection slid down his thigh as Cameron sidled down between his legs. “You have no idea.”

“I have a bunch of these.”

Then, Cameron's thick, warm, callused fingers were wetly pressing against Noah's opening.

Noah breathed out hard. “Oh, the world is a better place now.” He curled his toes into the bed and pushed up a little. Those fingers slid inside, through the first few seconds of discomfort and straight to pleasure.

Cameron's fingers were so fuckin' good. He wouldn't complain if Cam just wanted to get him off now by rubbing his prostate. He pictured Cam pressing broad fingertips inside, rubbing sparks of pleasure into a fire of need...

Noah was whimpering in the back of his throat and he didn't even care. He pushed his hips into the air, arched his back, even gasped for breath despite his attempts to stay calm and composed...

Fuck, no. Don't come yet. He wanted Cam's cock.

He slapped Cameron's wrist and shook his head at the hunk above him. “Don't waste any more time.”

He needed Cameron inside, now, fucking him into the mattress until he lost control.

More than that: he needed the intimacy of Cameron's lips on his, Cameron's body blanketing his, Cameron's eyes on his.

As Cameron's thick cock pressed into him, Noah's mind spun with dizzying pleasure. He never wanted this moment – the first gasp together as bodies locked and muscles tensed – to end. Unless he could trade for the smooth, skillful thrusts of body against and into body.

Cameron... is all I want.

The realization was quiet, unlike the earth-shattering revelation that he liked men. It was a thrumming hum of love building under his skin, his heart pumping with warmth and passion and pure affection.

Wait. Not love. It was too soon to fall so completely for Cameron.

Yet something in Noah's heart told him this was a relationship he was willing to work hard to start and work harder to never end.

Noah clenched around Cameron for a moment. He moaned into Cameron's mouth and Cameron's lips brushed his, soothing and encouraging him.


Chapter 1


Ice squeaked as his blades cut clean lines down the center of the ice. Foot over foot, a swerve, a sudden swoop around the net, and back down to the other end. It didn't matter if he was sick, injured, or heartbroken: the cool breeze across his face grounded him. He spun to skate backwards down the ice a few dozen feet, then turned again to swoop around the corner again behind the net.

It was unconscious at this point for Cameron Riley. He'd been skating since he was three. Four years later, he was playing hockey. Then, he became the star forward of the junior team. Back then, the other kids hadn't been competition for him.



The weight of one of his teammates slammed into him from the side. They crashed into the boards, pulling their feet up and out of the way of each other's.

“This isn't the fuckin' bunny league, Cam! Keep your head up!”

Coach Walker was right.

This was the minor leagues, but there was nothing minor about the upcoming big games. The series was tied. It was going to game seven. Just as important: the scouts in the crowd would take note of who was responsible for their win or loss.

The big job offers were coming in the next couple of months. Everyone on the team who was serious about their pro career had their head up and eye on the puck. They couldn't pass up the salary, the fame, and the chance to do what every one of them had been training for over the last five, ten, even twenty years.

“Sorry, coach,” Cameron recited, focusing on the puck as he swept around to join the drill. It flashed back and forth between Matty and Lou's sticks.