Broken Angel (Bad Things Book 4)(9)

By: Cynthia Eden

She wasn’t exactly sure how the process worked. Lila just knew that she could do it. She’d even given the guy boots. That had been a nice touch, right? “I think you’re supposed to say thank you.”

Instead of thanking her, he lifted her up and tossed her over his shoulder.

“Wait! Stop!” Her scream seemed to echo around them.

But he didn’t wait. He didn’t stop. The guy started trudging through the snow, and she slapped her hands against his broad back.

“Werewolf, let me go!”

“No way, no day, sweetheart.”

He kept doing that—kept calling her sweetheart as if they were lovers. They weren’t. She’d never had a lover. Angels didn’t—

“Told you before,” he continued grimly, not even sounding out of breath as he carried her through the snow. “You aren’t getting away from me.”

Fear fisted around her heart. “Why are you doing this?” She used all of her strength to struggle against him, but his hold was unbreakable.

Or maybe I’m just not that strong.

“I’m doing this because your buddy Leo has his own hunters after you.” He kept marching determinedly forward. “Because I don’t know who those fuckers were who tried to take you at the bar. Because I will keep you safe.”

He wanted to protect her?

They were near the edge of the highway. She glimpsed the pavement from her upside down position.

“I’m getting you the hell out of here, and once I have you at my cabin, then we’re going to clear the air.” One of his hands was right over her ass.

She squirmed again and that hand on her ass—it tightened.

Lila immediately stilled. “You…you shouldn’t touch me this way.”

Was he caressing her? Lila could have sworn that he was.

“And you shouldn’t run from me.”

She blinked. That was not the response she’d expected. The guy was a savage. What did I expect from a werewolf? “Let me go.”

He kept walking.

“I don’t want you touching me.” Her nails sank into his back. She pulled up her power. Physically, she might be no match for him. But…

Lila had a few tricks that she could play.

His hand moved away from her ass and curled securely over the back of her legs. “Better?”

No, he was still touching her and she could feel the heat of his touch all the way through her clothing. That heat was making her feel weird. Her breasts were pressed tightly against him, her heart was beating too fast, and all of the blood was rushing to her head. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

He laughed.

She could hear the growling approach of a vehicle. Okay, this would be her chance. “Put me down,” Lila continued, “so I don’t have to hurt you.” Why was her voice husky?

He kept walking. His grip stayed firm and hard on her. “Go ahead, angel,” he invited, his voice drawling a bit. “Hit me with your best shot.”

Her hands pressed to his back. The last thing she’d felt…it was the cold. A bone deep chill. Another trick that she’d learned since being earthbound? She could replicate the last thing that she’d felt and send it out…so she sent the cold right at Rayce—a hard, arctic blast that went straight to his spine.

His body shuddered. His grip loosened, just for a moment, and she barreled out of his grip. Lila landed on her ass as he stared down at her in surprise.

“How did you—” Rayce began.

But she was already on her feet. She could see the lights from a big rig coming toward her, and Lila ran right toward it. She was frantically waving her hands to try and get the driver’s attention. If he’d stop, she could get a ride and escape.

Then she realized…

I don’t have my bag! Her precious bag of money. She must have dropped it when Rayce threw her over his shoulder. “No!” She spun away from the truck.

A long, loud honking filled the air, and then Lila was hit—strong arms flew around her waist and lifted her into the air as the truck barreled to a screeching stop. She found herself on the ground—back in the snow—with Rayce right above her. For a moment, everything seemed to still as she stared up at him.

Even though it was dark, she had perfect vision. A paranormal perk. She could see his bright green eyes and the flecks of gold near his pupils. His blond hair was thick and mussed, curving over his high forehead. His lips—full, sensual—were pressed into a thin line and his square jaw was clenched as he glared down at her. “Do you have a death wish?”