Broken Angel (Bad Things Book 4)(7)

By: Cynthia Eden

Her lips trembled. Shit, his words had hurt her. He hadn’t meant—

“He sold me out,” she said, her voice the softest of breaths. “I won’t ever trust Leo again.”

Okay, that was good. That was—

“I won’t ever trust anyone again. Not Leo, not Luke…and not you.” She yanked her hand back from him and then, before he could stop her, she’d tossed her thick coat to the ground. Her wings spread out behind her—dark wings. Freaking gorgeous. And then she was surging straight up into the sky as her wings sent a burst of wind back at him. The powerful wind shoved Rayce to his knees.

“Lila!” Rayce roared.

But she didn’t stop. His angel flew away, leaving him there with the dead man. As he watched her fly, Rayce’s eyes narrowed. His nostrils flared.

You aren’t getting away.

And he let the shift sweep over him. His hands slammed down onto the broken cement. A howl ripped from his throat as fur burst along his body and his bones began to snap.

She would not escape.

He would track her…anywhere she went.

Moments later, the man he’d been was gone. The wolf gave chase.

Chapter Two

Her wings hurt. Lila tried desperately to keep flying, but it just wasn’t happening. She’d barely managed to take flight and she’d known there was no way she’d be able to stay airborne for long.

She let out a sharp cry as she fell, tumbling straight down but luckily managing to avoid the biggest of the trees that lined the mountain. Her body sank into the snow that had fallen earlier that day—thick, soft snow that cushioned her body. For a moment after her crash landing, Lila was still. She stared straight up at the sky, seeing the millions of stars glittering at her.

The cold snaked through her body.

A few months ago, she hadn’t known what the cold was. She hadn’t known hunger. Fear. Anger. Pain. She’d lived a life of simple perfection, never wanting for anything. Her job had been to protect, to help those in need.

And then she’d been taken.

Her eyes squeezed shut. A shudder worked along her body. Her wings were growing weaker every day. More feathers kept falling out. She was changing, and she knew it. The big question, though…

What am I becoming?

Her breath heaved out and even that felt cold. The snow was sinking through her clothing, wetting her skin and making goosebumps rise all along her body. She should get up. She’d crashed fairly close to the highway. She could hike to the road and maybe she’d get lucky. Maybe a truck driver would pick her up. She still had her money. Even then, her right hand desperately gripped the bag of cash.

I will survive. I will escape.

That had been her mantra for so long now.

But the wolf…he’d found her. She’d thought he was farther behind her. But if he’d closed in, then did that mean Leo would be finding her soon, too?

I can’t see Leo. I can’t go back.

No matter what she wished, Lila knew there was no going back.

She was still cradled in the snow when she heard the howl. Long and angry, the howl seemed to echo in the night. Her eyes flashed open even as her heart lurched in her chest.

Doesn’t have to be him. Could just be an actual wild animal—there are plenty of them in Colorado. That cry does not have to be from my werewolf.

Not that the Rayce was hers. But…

She scrambled to a sitting position. Just sitting was a very hard task because the snow sucked at her body, wanting her to sink down deep into its icy cradle. But Lila fought, and she stumbled to her feet. She rolled back her shoulders, feeling her wings stretching behind her. Her breath heaved out as she glanced to the left, to the right and—

A wolf bounded out of the woods. Big, white, and with gleaming green eyes that seemed to glow in the darkness. He bared his fangs as he stared straight at her, and, oh, what sharp fangs they were. Razor sharp. Sharp enough to tear the flesh from her body—or to rip away the last of her wings.

She stilled and stared into the beast’s eyes. Fear twisted in her gut, but she couldn’t look away from him. This wasn’t some wild animal. She knew that. “R-Rayce?”

His head tilted back, and he howled again.

Lila knew she was staring at one pissed off werewolf.