Broken Angel (Bad Things Book 4)(6)

By: Cynthia Eden

Lila backed away. She looked terrified, as if she’d cut and run at any moment.

As if he’d let her get away again.

Shit. I need to calm the hell down. I’m the one scaring her. “Lila…”

Her chin jerked up.

“You’re still bleeding.” Should she have healed from the wound already? There was so much he didn’t know about angels. So much no one knew. They didn’t exactly mix and mingle with the other paranormals very much. “Let me help you.”

But she shook her head. Her hands twisted in front of her. “You think…I’m yours.”

His heart stilled in his chest.

“I…I heard what you said, but I’m…I’m not. I don’t even know you.”

You will. He swallowed and tried to tread very, very carefully. “I was sent to find you.”

“F-find me?”

Fear had made her stutter. What could he do to make her not fear him? But then, his gaze dropped to the ground. Oh, right. He was standing over the body of a dead man. A man he’d just killed. That wasn’t exactly going to inspire warm and sweet feelings from her. “I did it for you.”


His head lifted and his gaze met hers. “I’ll protect you. You can trust me.”

But once more, she shook her head. “I don’t think so…you’re…you’re one of Luke’s, aren’t you? You’re dark.”

He was one of the darkest of the dark, the baddest of the bad, and still…he would not hurt her. “The driver got away. Tall, thin, with skin that made him look like the dead—he got away and he knows what you are.”

Her gaze jerked to the left—to the dark parking lot. The humans had cleared out fast after the brawl. Typical. He’d have to be leaving soon, too. Someone might have called the cops.

Someone…like the bartender he’d left inside of Maverick’s.

“What in the hell were you doing with him, angel?”

She backed up another step. “I had to make a trade.”

Uh, oh. His gut tightened. Rayce knew he wasn’t going to like this. “What did you trade?’

“The only thing of value I have.” She lifted her hand and rubbed tiredly at her temple. “I think…I’m being hunted.”

Yes, she was…and I found you.

“But not just by you.”

Wait, she’d known he was after her? And she’d kept running?

“I can feel the danger all around me.” Her gaze held his. “And I see it.”

Shit—she thought he was dangerous. “I can help you.”

“No, you can’t.” She pointed to the dead man. “I saw what you did. I see…what you are.”

Oh, hell. “Lila…” This wasn’t some kind of debate. He was there for her. He wasn’t leaving without her. “Luke Thorne wants you at his island. I need you to come with me.”

She shook her head.

“It isn’t exactly an invitation,” he growled. He was trying to be the nice guy. Did she not get that? Or did he just really suck at the nice guy role? “When the Lord of the Dark says he wants to see you…most folks go running.”

But she lifted up her slightly pointed chin once again. “I don’t answer to Luke Thorne. I’m not one of his.”

His hand flew out and wrapped around her wrist—a damn delicate wrist. Too breakable. I’ll have to be careful with her. “No, that’s right. You answer to the one who pretends to be good, right? You answer to Leo…” The Lord of the Light. Luke and Leo were twins, fucking all-powerful beings. Luke had been tasked with overseeing all of the dark paranormals, the “bad” ones, while Leo and his self-righteous ass had been given the job of protecting the “good” paranormals…the ones who walked in light.

Too bad Leo was really just a bastard who had no concept of good or bad.

Rayce’s thumb stroked along her inner wrist. He felt her pulse race beneath his touch. He stepped even closer to her and murmured, “How’s that working out for you, sweetheart? Trusting Leo? Relying on him? Because, unless I’m very mistaken, wasn’t he the one responsible for you being tortured and held prisoner for so long by Simon Lorne?”