Broken Angel (Bad Things Book 4)(5)

By: Cynthia Eden

“I have two SOBs to kill.” Then he smiled at her. “Don’t worry, it won’t take long.”

He could hear their footsteps racing away. The men thought they could flee through a back door? Ha. They needed to think again. He bounded after them.

“No, wait!” Lila cried out. “I—”

He wasn’t going to let those bastards get away. Hell, no. He surged through that narrow room and saw their exit door, still gaping open. Rayce shot through it and heard the ragged breathing of the idiots who thought they’d get away after hurting an angel.

His angel.

Another narrow flight of stairs led up and he jumped up them and was then racing into the cold night. Flecks of snow fell down on him. The men were fleeing toward a battered pick-up truck. The one who’d used the knife on Lila was at the passenger side door, fumbling to get it open.

Rayce grabbed him and with one hand, he tossed that worthless piece of waste fifteen feet. The guy’s body slammed into the side of the low-rent bar as he screeched in pain.

Rayce rolled back his shoulders and closed in on the screeching fool. “You think it’s fun to cut a woman’s throat?”

The guy frantically shook his head. He’d risen to his feet, and he still clutched the knife in his hand.

Rayce heard the truck engine growling behind him. Oh, the other guy thought he could get away from the scene? Not happening. Rayce turned back toward the truck. The tail lights were flashing. He lunged forward and grabbed the bumper just as the driver tried to fly forward. The guy obviously had’nt counted on a werewolf’s strength. Rayce lifted up the back of the truck and the two rear wheels spun in the air.

“Freak!” An angry shout from the jerk who’d cut Lila. Only that human—

Shit. He just stabbed me!

Rayce felt the knife slide into his back. And the wound burned because the tricky sonofabitch was using a silver blade.

“Bet you don’t like that, do you?” the man taunted. “Got plenty more for you…” He withdrew the knife, only to plunge it into Rayce again. Rayce had no choice. He had to let the truck go so he could defend himself. He dropped his hold on the bumper and whirled to confront the fool stabbing at him.

The knife was coming for him once more. Rayce caught the guy’s wrist in his hand.

“Know it makes you weak…know all your weaknesses…” the man gritted out as spittle flew from his mouth. “Gonna kill you…then I’ll go back…take all those feathers from her…”

So the guy knew exactly what Lila really was. “You won’t touch her,” Rayce swore and he shoved the man’s wrist back—his wrist and the knife—and it sank into the human’s chest. The guy gave a garbled cry. His eyes widened and the blood rushed to soak his shirt-front.

Rayce let the bastard fall. His body twitched and—

“What did you do?”

His head snapped up. Lila was there, standing just a few feet away. Her hood was still thrown back, and he could see the snowflakes that had landed in her red hair.

She crept forward and her gaze fell to the man on the ground. The man who wasn’t breathing any longer.

“You…killed him,” she whispered.

Rayce’s blood soaked his back. “He was having too much fun shoving his knife into my back. The dumbass thought he’d take me out.” Rayce shook his head. “Not happening.” He stepped toward her, wanting to look at her throat again, but Lila flinched and hurriedly moved away from him.

Rayce stilled.

“You…you’re a killer. You have…you have blood on your hands.”

He glanced down. Sure the fuck-enough, he had the guy’s blood on his hands.

“I thought…I thought you were something else,” she said in that soft voice of hers—soft and sexy, it was the voice that had filled his dreams. Only in his dreams, she’d been saying something one hell of a lot different.

And she hadn’t been looking at me as if I were the monster.

In the distance, Rayce could hear the screech of tires. The driver had gotten away. But I have your scent. I’ll be finding you.

“Did you have to kill him?”

“He wanted to slice off your fucking wings.” Each word was savage with fury. The first time Rayce had ever seen Lila, back when she’d been held by Simon, her body had been bloody. He’d hated the sight of her pain. “Not happening.”