Broken Angel (Bad Things Book 4)(4)

By: Cynthia Eden

Eyes that belonged to an angel.


His claws shot from his fingertips, a primal response because his beast had found her. Finally.

Lila wore a big, engulfing coat, and a hood hid her red hair from his view. Her heart-shaped face seemed thinner than before, and dark shadows lined her gorgeous eyes.

She stared at him in shock and her lips—unpainted and full—opened in surprise. “You.”

He smiled at her. “Did you miss me?”

She blinked and confusion flashed across her pretty face.

Because I fucking missed you.

He’d met his angel in the middle of hell. She’d been held captive, tortured by a madman named Simon Lorne. Simon had been fixated on one twisted goal—bringing his dead wife back to life. That bastard had captured Lila and kept her caged for far too long. Then he’d used his knife on her. He’d cut into her wings, determined to use her magic in order to somehow resurrect the dead.

Rayce had found Lila in that hell-hole. He’d helped her to escape but then…Then she escaped from me, too. She left me, and I need her back.

Because the angel had marked him, and Rayce was very afraid that mark went soul-deep.

“Don’t think we got introductions before,” he murmured. “I’m Rayce.” No, there had been no time for formal introductions. There had only been terror. Danger. And then she’d been gone.

“I…know you.” Her eyes widened even more. “I’m Lila—” But her words ended in a scream because Lila had just been jerked back, hard and fast. She seemed to tumble down the stairs even as he roared her name in fury.

Because, yes, he knew her name. He’d tried to learn every fucking thing he could about her since their first desperate meeting. Obsessed? Hell, yes, he was.

And he also wasn’t about to let someone take his prey. He bounded down the stairs after her, his claws still out and his fangs bursting in his mouth. Lila was at the bottom of those stairs, fighting against the two men who’d grabbed her. Her hood fell back, revealing the dark red of her hair even as one of those bastards shoved a knife at her throat.

Oh, hello, fool. Did you just ask for death? A growl broke from Rayce’s throat as he charged down those stairs.

The men holding Lila froze. One was tall and thin with a shaved head. The other was broad and muscled, with dark hair and meaty hands. The dark-haired bastard was holding tightly to Lila and one thick hand had a knife at her throat. “This doesn’t concern you, asshole,” he spat at Rayce. “Get back up the stairs and walk away while you still have the chance.”

Rayce’s gaze slid to Lila’s face. She was afraid. He hated that. Her scent changed when she was frightened. Not so sweet. Not so tempting. And he didn’t like the scent of fear on her. “I’m afraid you’re mistaken.”

The guy with the shaved head put some kind of half-eye glass thing up to his right eye and peered at Rayce. Then the fellow swore and started backing up.

“The woman you’re holding very much concerns me,” Rayce continued. He lifted his hands and let the two men see the claws that had broken from his fingertips. “Because she’s mine.”

The thin guy with the eye glass shouted, “He’s a werewolf! I see his beast! Leave her—let’s get the hell out of here!”

Then the dick with the knife was shoving Lila at Rayce. Shoving her and cutting her in the same instance. Lila gave a sharp cry of pain as she stumbled into Rayce’s arms. He caught her and held her tight even as fury burned in his blood. The bastard cut her. He cut her.

“You’re okay,” he said, trying to make his voice soft for her and absolutely failing. His words were guttural, more animal than man, and the hands that held her were too hard. But he made sure his claws didn’t so much as nick her skin as he tilted up her chin, wanting a better view of her neck and the damage that had been done to her.

Not too deep. But he hurt her.

So the guy was a dead man. Done deal. Rayce didn’t normally kill humans, but when a human attacked an angel…

Death wish granted.

“Stay here, Lila,” Rayce ordered her.

She blinked those incredibly, absolutely unearthly eyes at him.