Broken Angel (Bad Things Book 4)(10)

By: Cynthia Eden

Her breath heaved out.

She could smell burning rubber and could still hear the screech of brakes.

“Fucking big rigs can’t stop on a dime,” Rayce snapped at her. His body still pinned hers to the snow. “And you don’t run in front of one, not unless you want to get that beautiful body of yours torn apart.”

The brakes had stopped screeching.

A door groaned as it opened. Footsteps pounded across the pavement.

“He’ll live or die because of you,” Rayce whispered. “Remember that. The choice is on you.”

Her eyes widened. What?

“What’s happening there?” A man’s voice called—his voice was high and breaking. Scared. He’s scared, Lila realized.

Rayce pulled Lila to her feet. He kept his hand locked around her wrist. When she’d created the clothing for them, she’d gotten herself another thick jacket—the better to hide her wings.

She’d realized—early on—that humans tended to freak out when they saw her wings.

“Sorry,” Rayce responded curtly. “My lady didn’t mean to cause trouble. She’s had a bit too much to drink.”

Her jaw dropped. She’d never had anything to drink. Maybe she’d wondered what alcohol would taste like, but she’d been too busy fighting to stay alive—and to stay ahead of all the hunters after her. She hadn’t exactly had time to get drunk and enjoy herself.

“Miss? You okay?”

Her gaze turned to the man who stood uncertainly near his truck. He was a small man, or at least, small compared to Rayce. The human’s shoulders stooped and a grizzled gray beard covered his jaw. He had dark eyes and those eyes were narrowed as he stared at Lila.

He’ll live or die because of you. Rayce’s words rang in her head.

The human’s face tightened. His hand moved to his jacket.

Does he have a weapon? And would he use that weapon on Rayce? A human gun wouldn’t do much to a werewolf, but if the man attacked, Rayce would fight back.

He’ll live or die because of you. “I’m okay,” Lila blurted. “I was just…confused.”

Confused. Desperate. Scared. All of the above.

The guy’s hand was still near his jacket, and he cast a suspicious glance Rayce’s way. “What are you two doing out here?”

“My car broke down,” Rayce said smoothly. “We were just walking back to the bar up the road. Thought we’d get help there.”

The guy peered around them. “Don’t see any car.”

“It’s a bit back down the highway.” Rayce pointed vaguely at nothing down the long, twisting highway. “Thanks for stopping—”

“Didn’t have much of a choice—your lady came flying at me like the devil himself was after her.”

Not the devil, just his right hand man. Lila rocked forward onto the balls of her feet.

“She looked scared.” The guy shuffled forward. “She still looks scared.”

Rayce moved his body so that he was in front of Lila. “You can get back in your truck now. We’re okay. It’s not a far walk to the bar.”

She peeked over his shoulder. The human was hesitating. His posture was stiff, and his expression uncertain. Did he have any clue how much danger he was in?

His jacket moved a bit, and she saw the guy was definitely carrying a gun.

He think he’s safe. That his gun will protect him. But the human was standing so close to Rayce…one swipe of Rayce’s claws, and the truck driver would be dead.

“Don’t!” Her hands flew out and locked around Rayce’s shoulders. She rose onto her toes, and he leaned toward her so that she could put her mouth to his ear as she whispered, “Please, don’t hurt him.”

Rayce’s hand slid around her as he pulled Lila to his side. “Sorry for the scare,” Rayce called out, his deep voice seeming to vibrate right through her.

The driver grunted and then he looked back at his truck.

The snow was starting to fall again. Lila could feel the flakes whispering over her cheeks.

“The bar, huh? Would that be Maverick’s place?” the human asked.

Yes, the bar they’d been at had been named Maverick’s.

“Don’t know that you want to go there.” The driver looked back at them. “Heard on the radio that some guy tore the place up. One big ass fight caused by some tough sonofabitch. The cops are on their way there now.”