Bound by Fate:Mercury Rising 3

By: Lynn Hagen

Dustin has been summoned by his alpha. The only problem is, he has to get past a sadistic leap member in order to see Vane. Chance is the epitome of perversion and brutality, and Dustin isn't sure how he'll get out of the situation, until Tap comes along and rescues him. But Tap is the world's biggest jerk. So why on earth is Dustin so attracted to the wolf shifter?

Tap doesn't like getting involved in other's problems. But when he spots Dustin being accosted by Chance, Tap stupidly hops from his truck and rescues the male. Big mistake. Now he can't stop thinking about the little leopard, finding every excuse he can to be near Dustin. The two don't exactly get along, either. Unfortunately, the tension between them turns Tap on, and things begin to heat up, even while Tap tries to push Dustin away.

Chapter One

Dustin Collins headed down the street, dreading his meeting with Vane at the Leopards Lounge. He didn’t fear his alpha, but feared the sex-crazed men who would be at the lounge when he got there. He got the creeps just being in the same building with them.

Why did he have to be born into a leap who were not only perverts, but thuggish mercenaries?

Van had demanded they meet, and Dustin couldn’t tell his alpha to go screw himself. He not only respected the man, but Dustin was terrified of not doing what Vane wanted. His alpha might revoke his privilege to work at Grizzly's—a tavern owned by a clan of bear shifters—and Dustin couldn’t take that chance.

He’d fought too hard for the right to work outside the Lounge. Nothing on earth would make him screw that up. He just wished that whatever Vane had to say could have been dealt with over the phone. Dustin not only hated walking in the heat, but he didn’t want to run into the doorman at the Lounge.

Taking a deep breath, Dustin opened the door and was greeted by Chance, one of the most depraved leopards he knew. As soon as Chance’s gaze landed on him, a greedy smile split his face. Dustin's gut dropped and he was tempted to turn and run right out the door. That smile alone sent waves of chills down his spine.

"Dustin." Chance uncrossed his arms and stood from his stool. He blocked the entrance, leaning an arm on the wall to trap Dustin between the exit and his lean frame. There was no mistaking the lust gleaming in Chance’s green eyes. "How about you and I go play in one of the rooms?"

Bile rose to the back of Dustin’s throat. He’d rather lick a razor blade. He’d seen the men and women Chance "played" with after Chance was done with them. One guy had come out of a playroom bruised and sporting a swollen eye. The psychotic thing was, the same guy had returned the following day, smiling and ready for another round.

Dustin didn’t understand how some people got off on that and didn’t want to. He always tried his very best to steer clear of Chance. "I have to get inside."

Chance pushed in closer and Dustin’s gaze dropped to the strain against the man’s jeans. He smelled the spicy arousal coming off the guy in waves. "Funny, I was thinking the same thing."

The foyer where they stood was a small enclosure that held nothing more than a stool. A set of smoky glass doors behind Chance led into the main room.

If Dustin could get past the bouncer…

He flinched when Chance rubbed his knuckles over Dustin’s collar. The guy licked his lips, leaving behind a trail of moisture that made Dustin swallow hard. Chance looked like he wanted to eat Dustin alive. He didn’t understand Chance. The leopard was damn good-looking and could have any guy he wanted, but he was twisted in the head and wouldn’t leave Dustin alone. Lord knew Dustin had turned him down flat too many times to count, but Chance was relentless.

Desperate, Dustin tried to duck so he could get around the bouncer, but Chance’s hand shot out, stopping him from going anywhere. Dustin didn’t move an inch. He didn’t want Chance touching him.

"You need to stop acting like you don’t want this." Chance sniffed along his cheek. Dustin hated that he flinched, showing Chance just how terrified he was of the man.

Dustin wrung his hands, praying someone came in or out so they would be interrupted and he could hurry inside. But he had no such luck. "And you need to stop acting like I do."

Chance snorted. "Yeah, right. You’re a leopard. Sex is in your DNA. Stop playing hard to get."

Dustin had never been like the rest of his breed. He wanted more out of life than just sex. But he was what his leap considered prime meat. He wasn’t strong and powerful like the men higher in rank, so they had expected him to offer his services when he’d reached maturity. That was the last thing Dustin wanted to do, and one reason he’d begged Vane to let him work at Grizzly’s.

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