Bound, Branded, & Brazen(111)

By: Jaci Burton

It was fast, furious, a coupling borne of passion and a deep love Jolene hadn’t been looking for, but had found with Walker. He slipped his hands under her butt and lifted her, driving her onto his cock and pushing deeper inside her. She held on to his shoulders and rode him, grinding against him until she felt the pulses she couldn’t hold back.

“I’m going to come,” she said, staring into his stormy eyes, wanting him to come with her.

He did, pumping into her with hard thrusts that sent her sailing over the edge with a groan. She kissed him as they climaxed, both of them ending up trembling and shaky and laughing as they nearly fell over.

Later, they got dressed and made their way back over the fence, then lay on the truck and watched the stars overhead.

Jolene couldn’t remember ever feeling so contented. A few months ago she was fighting her uncle, fighting to get her sisters here, and chasing after a man who paid no attention to her—or so she thought.

Now her family was here to stay, and so was Walker. Maybe going after what you really wanted wasn’t such a bad idea.

She flipped over onto her belly and kissed Walker. “I love you. Stay with me forever.”

He tapped her nose with his finger and kissed her back. “I love you, too. And I’m not goin’ anywhere. Not without you.”

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