Blind Fury (Men of Steele Book 1)(3)

By: Gwen Hernandez

No way in hell would he ever want to talk about it. Keeping this horrific moment from Jenna was an easy promise to make. “Never.”

Jenna Ryan couldn’t remember the last time she’d been so full of hope. She used her running shirt to wipe the sweat from her face and filled a glass with cold water from the door of her refrigerator. According to the clock on the microwave, she didn’t need to leave for two more hours. Even then she’d probably be early for her interview, but it was always better to play it safe with traffic in the D.C. area.

She perched on the arm of the sofa in her living room and drank the icy water, letting the scent of vanilla from her favorite plug-in air freshener calm her jumpy nerves as her body cooled. Her lips curved into a smile when she looked at one of the pictures on the fireplace mantle. Dressed in desert camouflage and holding large rifles in front of an armored truck, her brother Rob and his best friend Mick stared down at her.

Rob was going to be so happy for her if she got this new database analyst job. It wasn’t the self-employment route he’d been pushing her to try, but Travers & West would be a huge improvement over her current employer. And interviewing for a new job was just about all the stress she could handle until he was home safe.

An hour later, showered and dressed, she reviewed her resumé one more time and practiced her answers to potential interview questions. After three years of putting up with the jerks at Quicksilver Defense Systems—QDS for short—she wanted to be as prepared as possible for the job that could be her ticket out.

Travers & West had a reputation for treating its employees well, offering flexible hours and performance-based bonuses. What a nice change that would be. And if she got the job, Rob could quit worrying about her and focus on himself.

And they both needed that.

Her cell phone rang as she was loading her breakfast dishes in the dishwasher.

“Are you ready?” Jenna’s best friend, Tara Fujimoto, asked in her high-pitched voice.

“Yep. As long as I don’t pass out from nerves. But I’m feeling better after Rob’s call yesterday.” He and Mick had called to wish her luck, knowing she would need encouragement.

“And did you talk to Mick too?”

“Yes.” Jenna couldn’t keep the exasperation out of her voice. As usual, he’d made a point of talking to her before Rob ended the call. Mick had told her once that he needed a little bit of normal every once in a while. He didn’t have a sister to call, so he borrowed Jenna.

“I think he likes you,” Tara said.

“As a surrogate sister, maybe.” If she tried hard enough, she could convince herself that she saw him as a brother. The man hiding beneath the reckless playboy facade had always tempted her, but she couldn’t risk her already fragile heart.

Tara snorted. “Hardly.”

“How Mick Fury thinks of me is irrelevant. I’d never get involved with a guy who goes through women like I go through tissues.”

“Don’t you mean he blows through them?” Tara chuckled.

Jenna groaned. “Can we talk about something else? Like the fact that Rob is finally coming home?”

Tara went silent for a beat, no doubt trying to rein in a sarcastic comment. “For how long?”

“For good.” The words danced on Jenna’s tongue and she found herself bouncing on her toes like a little girl at Christmas waiting to open her gifts.

“That’s great,” Tara said evenly.

“I think he really means it this time.” Jenna leaned against the cool countertop. Somehow she would find a way to make him happier, a way to convince him to stay. “He was talking about going back to school and adopting a rescue dog. It sounds like he’s given it a lot of thought.”

“Well, good. Maybe that will make up for having Carl on your case all the time.”

Jenna covered her ears. “Ack, no. I don’t want to talk about my boss right before my interview. Besides, if things go well, Carl will be history.” Though if he found out she’d used a personal day to go on a job interview, she might be history at QDS whether the interview went well or not.

“You’re right. You’re going to be great today and we’ll never have to talk about that jerk again.” Tara giggled. “Let’s talk about Mick instead.”


Her friend gave a dramatic sigh. “Fine. I’m glad you’re looking for a new job, even though it’ll be lonely here without you around. But are you sure you wouldn’t be happier working for yourself? From what I hear, programmers are in high demand. Finding work should be a piece of cake.”