Absinthe Of The Heart (Sins Of The Heart #1)(8)

By: Monica James

Delores stared at Bobby’s huge, muscled body. She’d never seen a guy topless this close before. Of their own accord, her eyes descended to the front of Bobby’s pants. They were tight enough that she could see his very noticeable hard-on.

A yearning began to burn between her legs.

He was on her before she had a chance to think twice about her decision, not that she would, because kissing Bobby and feeling him against her was unlike anything she’d ever felt before. Her skin was set alight, but suddenly, kissing wasn’t enough. She wanted more.

Their hands grabbed at one another desperately, clothes falling wherever they landed as the need to be naked and pressed against the other was all that mattered. Bobby’s red-hot erection nudged at her slick entrance.

She should have felt disgusting for doing this to her best friend, but she didn’t—she had never felt more alive.

“Are you sure?” Bobby asked, looking into her eyes as he was suspended, naked, above her.

She bit her lip, a habit she’d had since she was a child. This was her last chance to do the right thing. But why did doing the right thing feel so wrong? Closing her eyes, she nodded, knowing this decision would change her life forever.

She heard Bobby open a drawer and then the rumple of foil. Once he was suited up, he kissed her gently, coaxing her to relax. But she didn’t need much coaxing when she felt him slip inside her, breaking down all her reservations.

She lost herself in the moment, focusing on nothing but the feel of him, owning something that would always belong to him. He treated her with care.

They both came undone with a loud, well-sated scream.

As they laid in the afterglow, Delores knew she should feel guilt for what she had just done. But she didn’t. Bobby kissed her brow and asked if she was okay, and she was. She knew once she sobered up and the first light of dawn peeked over the valley, it would be a different story, but for now, everything was absolutely perfect.


Kayla felt a knife slice straight through her heart when she saw something she’d never thought she’d ever see. Her best friend in bed, naked, with the boy she’d had a crush on for years. Kayla was betrayed, and hurt, but most of all, she felt stupid because she was actually worried about her best friend.

Ralphie had helped her search the house high and low, afraid someone might have taken advantage of her drunken state. But it appears the only person who’d been taken for a ride was Kayla, forever believing her friendship with Delores was real.

“Let me explain!” Delores shrieked, but her naked form was all the clarification Kayla needed.

The final straw was when Bobby put his arm lovingly around Delores, comforting her. He should comfort Kayla because her friend was no better than her mother—a dirty, bedhopping whore.

“Never speak to me ever again!” Kayla shouted, unable to keep the tears away.

“Kay, no, please!” Delores pleaded, but Kayla had seen and heard enough.

She ran down the hallway, needing to escape this nightmare before she broke down. This was beyond words. She wished this were a dream, but it wasn’t. She officially had no one. Her mother and father barely cared if she was alive or not. They might be rich in possessions, but when it came to love, they were far more impoverished than Delores would ever be. Delores was her only friend, her family, and now, she was all alone.

“Hey, it’s okay,” Ralphie said, stroking her bicep and softly drawing her into his arms. It felt nice that someone cared about her. And after what she’d just witnessed, that was all she wanted—someone to take care of her.

Ralphie’s mouth fell slack when Kayla pressed her frantic lips to his. This was the last thing he’d ever expected, especially after what just happened, but the feel of Kayla’s body twisting and writhing against him was just too much. He’d lusted after this girl for years and only dreamed of them ever entwining this way. He knew why she was doing it, but he just didn’t care.

When she pulled him into the bathroom and locked the door, any shred of second-guessing was long gone. When she slipped out of her outfit, completely bare beneath, he vowed to treat her like the queen she was. It was a flurry of hands and clothes, and before long, they were both naked. Kayla straddled Ralphie, who sat on the toilet seat, rubbing his eyes to ensure this was really happening.

“I don’t have any protection,” he said, still a lick of sense left.

She lowered herself, gasping when she felt Ralphie nudging at her, eager to take away something that should never have been his. “I don’t care,” she gasped, lowering herself onto him, her eyes bulging from the foreign intrusion.