Absinthe Of The Heart (Sins Of The Heart #1)(5)

By: Monica James

Delores half smiled, hoping the decision wouldn’t come back to bite her in the ass. “Okay, give me five minutes and we can go.”

As she packed up her books, she noticed Kayla hunt through her enormous overnight bag. It wasn’t uncommon for her to bring over various outfits, as Kayla stayed over at Delores’s house at least twice a week. With Delores’s mom working most nights, or shacking up with her latest squeeze, the girls had the house to themselves most days. They sometimes pretended they were roommates, living off campus and surviving in the big, bad world together.

“Here, you can wear this.” Kayla tossed a gold dress at Delores, who scrunched up her nose.

“Where’s the rest of it?” she teased, holding it up to her body and wondering if there was a tiered matching skirt. She was so not wearing it.

“Don’t be such a stick in the mud. I’m sure Ralphie would just love to see you in, or out of it,” Kayla said, shimmying out of her acid-washed jeans and short tank. She slipped into a turquoise leather skirt suit with a bright pink tank which showed off her toned, tanned midriff.

Ralphie Arrington was in Delores’s advanced math class. He was cute in a nerdy kind of way, but Delores had no interest in him whatsoever.

Kayla had been trying to set them up for months, but neither was interested. Delores had seen the way Ralphie looked at Kayla. Kayla, of course, didn’t notice because all she was interested in was Bobby. Delores hoped he didn’t break her heart.

Delores watched Kayla tease up her long blonde hair, making her appear like a lioness ready to pounce. As she puckered her bright pink lips and smacked them together, she looked at Delores’s reflection in the mirror. “I’m going to lose my V-card tonight, Dee.”

“What?” Delores was left speechless. Most girls had offered up their virginity to Bobby, and what sixteen-year-old boy wouldn’t be thrilled at virgins throwing themselves at him willingly? But Kayla and Delores promised each other that when the time was right, they’d lose their virginity to the person they loved.

Kayla’s ploys to snare Bobby hadn’t worked, so now she was pulling out the big guns. This night was sure to end in tears.

“Yes, it’s happening,” she confirmed, slipping on a pair of white lace fingerless gloves. All Delores could do was hope Bobby was too drunk to notice her best friend’s advances.

As they caught a cab to Bobby’s mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Delores tried fruitlessly to persuade Kayla to change her mind. But she knew her friend was just as stubborn as she was. Her mind was set and nothing would stand in her way. Once this night was over, one of them would no longer be a virgin.

Delores wished she’d said no, because as they trudged up the steep driveway toward the towering manor, she had an unsettling feeling sink to the bottom of her stomach. There were so many kids here. Delores was certain half the school had turned up.

Bon Jovi’s “Bad Medicine” blared loudly inside—an omen of things to come even though Delores hoped that wasn’t the case. Both girls entered the open front door, pausing in the grand foyer to take in the beauty. Bobby’s father was loaded; he was some Texan tycoon. She had no idea what exactly he did, but from the looks of this house, he was successful.

“Let’s get a drink,” Kayla shouted into Delores’s ear to be heard over the loud music. Delores nodded, needing the Dutch courage to help calm her nerves.

Kayla made no secret that she was scouring the crowd for Bobby. She looked beautiful, but she always did. She was the beauty while Delores was the brains—as many people had said—and Delores was fine with that. She was happy to sit on the sidelines and watch her friend sparkle in the spotlight. That was why their friendship worked. There was no jealousy, no competition between them.

So when Bobby sauntered down the white spiral staircase and headed straight for Delores, she quickly turned her back and nudged Kayla in the ribs so she was the center of his world, not her. Kayla quickly lowered the already low neckline of her tank and ran a hand seductively down her side.

“Hey,” Bobby said, and Delores squashed down the butterflies. They had no right to be there.

“Hey, Bobby,” Kayla replied, her voice low, seductive. “Cool party.”

“Thanks,” he replied loosely. “Hi, Dee.”

Delores closed her eyes and cursed her choice to come here. She should have said no. But she was here now. Turning slowly, she tried not to gag on air when connecting with Bobby’s mesmerizing hazel eyes. He looked far older than sixteen, his bulging biceps and facial hair rivaling most of their male teachers. He was a complete rebel with a silver stud in his left ear, and a leather jacket complemented his ripped, bleached jeans.