A Taste of Summer(100)

By: Beverly Preston

Summer’s stare tapered in inquiry.

“I’m sorry,” she caved. “The doctor knew that we wanted to know the sex and she blurted it out without thinking.”

Summer shirked back in surprise, gawking at the lacy material. His literal shrill of excitement hushed her explanation. “A girl! We’re having a baby girl?”

She blinked hard against the swell of emotions collecting in her throat, robbing her of a reply. All she could do was nod.

Summer dropped to his knees, cradling her tummy in the palm of his hands, kissing every inch of the small bump. “Hey, baby girl. You need a name. Daddy needs to start calling you something besides baby.”

She ran her fingers through his thick hair. “Actually, I was playing with our middle names on the way home.”

“Let’s hear it.” Summer stood, scooping her up into his arms, placing her bum on the cool granite counter.

“I put a little twist to them and I really love the name…Anna Blakely Summer.”

“Anna Blakely Summer. Anna Blakely…”

“Anna for my mom and my middle name and Blakely instead of just Blake for your middle name and your grandpa.”

“I think it’s perfect.” Summer caressed her stomach, asking. “Anna, what do you think?”

Seeing a glimmer of wetness pooling on his lower lids, Carrie Ann broke, dissolving into his arms. “I love you, Summer.”

Summer’s mouth descended over hers. “Christ, I love you.”

This man, so strong and tough, had the biggest heart and it was filled with love for his family. He was more than her best friend. He was her protector, her lover, her soul mate, the father of her children.

Summer was her everything.