A Heaven Hill Christmas(9)

By: Laramie Briscoe

“I’m not. Thank God you came to see me! Otherwise I’d be stuck here by myself and scared to death. Don’t you know there’s no place I’d rather be than with you? And if we can spend this time alone, focusing on nothing but each other, and our pleasure, then that’s the best Christmas ever?”

“You don’t even need this then?” he asked as he got up from his spot at the table and pulled a large bag out from behind her desk.

If there was one thing Layne O’Connor didn’t do, it was wrap gifts. He was a bag man all the way.

“This is huge,” she giggled as she took a bite of her omelet and then set the bag down on the ground, to start taking the tissue paper out.

“I hope you like it.”

It wasn’t often Layne second-guessed himself anymore, but with her, gifts were still one of his major stresses.

“Oh my God,” she gasped as she pulled a leather bag out of the gift bag. “It’s that Kate Spade writer’s bag I’ve been wanting!”

He blushed. “Yeah, so now you can carry all your shit at once in it, and be basic while you do.”

She giggled as he called her basic. It was a running joke between the two of them. She did love her coffee and her leggings.

Reaching over, she hugged him tightly. “I’ll let the basic comment slide just because I love this so much,” she let go, and ran her hands along the leather binding. Her eyes glowed, she’d wanted this bag for a very long time, but in her new life, it felt extravagant to spend as much money as this bag cost.

Clearing her throat, she got up, and walked over to her desk, pulling out an envelope.

“If we’re going by sheer size alone, mine wins,” Layne teased as she grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down onto his lap.

“Big things can totally come in small packages,” she protested as she put the envelope in his hand, and watched as he tore it open.

His chin dug into her shoulder, and she could almost feel it drop when he pulled the piece of paper out and took a good look at it. “A gift certificate for those pipes I want? But you said they weren’t sexy,” he hugged her tightly, kissing her on the cheek.

“And you said I didn’t know because I hadn’t seen you on a bike with them.”

Grabbing her hand in his, he entwined their fingers together. “Maybe I can be on your next book cover then, baby. Me and my sexy pipes.”

She laughed, thinking of the absurdity of the conversation. This never would have happened if their paths hadn’t crossed in a dark time when she feared for her life. “I’m glad I came here, and I’m glad you protected me.”

He got serious, pushing her hair back from her cheek. “You know I’ll always protect you. No matter what the situation. I can’t imagine a day without you, much less a Christmas without you. Hell, I never celebrated Christmas before you came along. You gave me life, Jess.”

“You gave me life too, because the one I was living before, wasn’t one. We both got damn lucky.”

And neither one of them could argue with that.

Steele & Christine

Chapter One

Travis Steele, resident tech geek of the Heaven Hill MC rolled his head on his shoulders, hoping to loosen the tension he felt in his neck. People were driving him insane. Two days before Christmas and all of the guys were trying to surprise their wives, which meant he was keeping tabs on people more than usual. When really the only person he wanted to be keeping tabs on was his own wife. He looked down at his cell phone, sitting beside his mouse and saw he had a message from her.

Client is taking longer than I thought. I probably won’t be getting out of here until almost eight. Should I go to the house or meet you at the clubhouse?

He wanted to tell her to head to the house they’d bought in the past year, but he still had some things he had to do for the club. He sighed, running his hand over his chin, sucking harder than he needed to on the sucker in his mouth.

C’mon here. I still have some things I have to take care of. Let me know when you’re leaving so I can watch.

Steele pulled up a camera feed, documenting the time and what he saw on his spreadsheet. Sighing again, he picked his phone up and pressed a button so he could see his lock screen. A picture of him and Christine greeted him, one that had been taken a few weeks ago, before the craziness of the Christmas season had descended upon them. Just like he was busy with the guys, she was busy in her own salon, helping women look beautiful for nights out and special dates.

She loved what she did and he hated to begrudge her anything that made her happy, but on nights like this, he wanted her home at a decent hour. It made him nervous, especially with how cold and close to Christmas it was. She left the salon late, sometimes with a deposit, no matter how many times he told her it wasn’t smart to do that, and he fucking worried until she was in his arms again. The road to the clubhouse was dark and desolate, and even though he knew every move she made, had GPS on her car, phone, and watched her like a hawk when he could, he still fucking worried. Worried that someone could come take her away from him, worried that someone would try to rob her, worried that she’d come to her senses and realize she’d probably made a mistake in marrying a man who could never really say no to his club. They all counted on him, everybody told him that besides Tyler Blackfoot, he was the most important member, and some days he felt that pressure.