A Heaven Hill Christmas(6)

By: Laramie Briscoe

“With everything,” she whispered on a gasp when his hand moved up her body and closed around her breast.

It still made his chest puff out, to know she did trust him with everything. Given their past, she probably shouldn’t, but she’d been able to put that darkness behind them and love the man he’d grown to be. He was a lucky bastard in every sense of the word.

Burying his face in her neck, he ran his hands up her arms, entwining their fingers together against the coolness of the window. The way their wedding rings made a noise as they came together making his breath catch – sentimental fuck that he was. He took their combined weight on his biceps, grinding his hard dick against her soft ass. His teeth scraped across the smooth skin on the side of her throat as she leaned her head back against his shoulder.

“Kiss me, Layne,” she begged.

It took a little maneuvering, but he managed to bring their lips together, coaxing her tongue with his. Their moans were soft in the room, but he refused to change their position. He knew certain things about her and the position they were in was one of submission for her. She fucking loved when he exerted his strength over her.

When neither of them could breathe any longer they broke apart.

“You ready, baby?” he asked.

Almost immediately, her answer was yes.

Chapter Four

Layne pushed Jessica’s head forward, letting it hang from her shoulders as he again grasped her by the hips, and pulled her back towards him. This time it was with enough force to make her stumble against him and instead of stopping her, he pulled them further into the middle of the room until the back of his knees hit the bed.

Using the tips of his fingers, he ran his hands underneath her shirt, pulling it up and over her head. Before she could say anything to him, he’d done the same with the sweatpants she wore, leaving her in nothing but her bra and panties.

Letting his eyes run over her back, he felt a surge of adrenaline as he realized she had on a matching set. The matching set meant she was horny and Lord above, so was he. Stress affected her in different ways, and this was one of the more enjoyable ones he’d discovered.

“Matching set huh?” he questioned in her ear as his hands cupped her tits, the pads of this thumbs strumming her already hard nipples. “Were you hoping to see me at some point tonight?”

“I’m always hoping to see you,” she admitted, gasping when he sat down on the bed, pulling her with him until he sat with his back against the headboard. She sat between his legs, propped up against his chest. She reached behind her, her fingers grasping at his clothing, trying to touch any piece of him that she could. But he grabbed her wrists and held them to her side. “This is about you gorgeous, not about me. This is totally for you.”

“I’m so fucked,” she whispered on a breath as he ran his hands over her body.

“You sure will be, babe. No doubt about that.”

Layne pulled her snugly against him so that her back fit to his front. Like two pieces of a puzzle, they fit together perfectly. Her soft edges took in his jagged ones with ease, making sure they were a cohesive unit. This way, as she sat in the cradle of his thighs, not able to touch him, he knew he’d be able to give her pleasure, and that’s what he wanted to do more than anything. Telling Jessica not to work, telling her not to think about writing for a period of time, and expecting her to relax were all nice things to say, but he knew she wouldn’t listen. She flat-out didn’t know how to do it. He knew though, that if he could make her come hard enough and overwhelm her emotionally and physically with the way he loved her, he could make her sleep well for at least one night.

“Layne,” she spoke on a harsh intake of air as he ran his hand down the side of her neck, pressing his palm to her chest, fingers down until he encountered the lace edges of her bra.

“Lean your head back against me, and just enjoy it, babe. You can do that right?”

She answered him by letting her head fall back to his shoulder, her red hair becoming a crimson river down his arm.

Satisfied that she’d taken his direction, he used his other hand to snake around her waist. The tips of his fingers dented her thigh as he pushed, making sure her legs were spread wide. “Keep them open, Jess, don’t you dare close them.”

She whined against his throat as she turned her head into the strong column, sucking on the skin she could reach. He allowed her to, because he loved the way her lips felt on him, loved the way she still kissed him like she was shy. When they both knew she was anything but.

Moving his hand along her smooth skin, he stopped as he reached the juncture between her thighs. Before he even moved his hand over her panties, he could feel the pooled wetness, could feel the heat coming off of her in waves.