A Heaven Hill Christmas(5)

By: Laramie Briscoe

“We’ll sit tight here, Jess usually keeps it pretty well-stocked, and in case you haven’t forgotten, I’m ex-Army. I think we got this,” Layne rubbed his hand over his head, seeming to forget for a moment he had hair, when he dug his fingers into the strands.

His hair had grown out a bit over the past few months. Instead of keeping it military issue high and tight, he’d started to let some of that iron-clad control he had loosen up a bit. It was now long enough that she could thread her fingers through it and pull tightly or tug gently, whichever mood struck her. She grinned, or wherever his mouth happened to be at the time.

“Y’all stay warm at the clubhouse. If there’s any emergencies, be sure and let me know. I’d like to stay on top of things, even though we’re here,” he put his hand on his hip and nodded, even though whoever he was talking to couldn’t see him. “Y’all be safe, too. See ya,” Layne pulled the phone back from his ear and disconnected the call.

“What was that all about?” Jessica walked over to the window and gasped when she saw it was a complete white out. She couldn’t even see the twinkling holiday lights of the square anymore.

She watched as he walked over to the loveseat she kept in the room and shrugged his cut off, hanging it over the back of the couch.

“That was Rooster. They’ve shut down basically everything at this point. Unless you have a medical emergency, you aren’t to be on the roads. It could be three or four days,” he got advanced towards her.

“That means we’ll spend Christmas here together then,” she mentally counted the hours, then the possible days they would be together.

“Good thing I have your gift in my saddle bags,” he flashed a heart-stopping smile as he sauntered over to her.

“And good thing I never took yours home,” she sassed back at him, meeting him halfway between where she stood and where he’d been standing.

“So the question is,” he hooked his arms around her neck, pulling her into his body, “what are we gonna do with all this togetherness?”

“I have a book to finish,” she said the words carefully, hoping like hell she wouldn’t mess with his mood. If they were spending the next couple of days together, she didn’t want to start it out on a sour note. Hopefully, they could make up for lost time … after she got the book out of the way.

“You’re not gonna let that go, are you?” he moved his hands up to her neck, bracketing both sides of it so that his fingers curled together.

“I can’t,” she frowned, hoping he understood the importance of what she was doing. Not only was it keeping her word, but she was legally bound, too. “There’s a contract.”

“How about this?” he leaned in, kissing her lips softly, letting them linger together for a breath, before pulling them apart. It was an easy seduction he hoped she couldn’t say no to. “You spend the night with me, and I’ll give you a full twenty-four hours before I start harping on you about taking it easy. Since it’s just the two of us, the day we celebrate won’t matter at all.”

Mentally counting the hours, she wondered if it would work, and she desperately wanted to spend the night with him.

“Thirty-six hours,” she countered.

Layne tapped her nose and smoothed the wrinkle out of her forehead. “I can see you’re stressed about this. I’ll give you your thirty-six hours after we spend tonight together.”

It wasn’t hard for her to come a decision. “Deal.”

She watched as his eyes flashed, his smile became sexier, his eyes more hooded. “Then prepare yourself gorgeous, because if you need inspiration for that sex scene you were about to write. I’m about to give you some.”

She swallowed roughly. “Fuck,” she breathed.

“With pleasure,” he ran his hands to her hips, gripping them, and turned her towards the window. Moving her body with the pressure of his, he pushed her up against it. “Relax, and enjoy it.”

The dark tone of his voice made her close her eyes and give herself over to him.


“Hands up here,” Layne grasped her wrists and pushed them so that they rest on the cold pane of the window above her head.

Usually he would never allow this to happen in such a public place, but knowing the city was shut down made him adventurous, no one would be walking down the street and gazing up into the lighted studio tonight. They might as well be alone in the world.

Layne leaned closer to her, nosing her hair over her shoulder, letting his lips connect with the soft skin of her neck. Lifting his eyes, they connected with hers in the reflection of the glass. “Do you trust me?” his voice was dark to even his own ears. After all these years, he still questioned if she would trust him, if she would give herself up to him. Sometimes, he still wondered if she’d say yes or no. Had absolutely nothing to do with her, but everything to do with him and how he occasionally felt about himself.