A Heaven Hill Christmas(2)

By: Laramie Briscoe

“Oh, wouldn’t I?” He reached down, taking his boots off, before he situated himself across from her, sitting cross-legged on the bed. “Try me.”

“Layne,” she protested. “My Pinterest is supposed to be hot guys and stuff that reminds readers about my stories.”

“You mean I wasn’t supposed to pin mediocre shit like plain cupcakes on there?” he tilted his head to the side, playing dumb with her.

“Unless they take a minimum of three hours to make and require homemade buttercream frosting, as well as edible glitter? No,” she did her best to keep a straight face, but dissolved into giggles thinking about what he’d done the last time they argued. “It took me over two weeks to find all the stuff you’d pinned in random places. And newsflash hotshot, on no planet should new exhaust pipes for your bike be put under the label of Sexytimes.”

“You haven’t seen me sitting on my bike with new exhaust pipes yet. How do you know it’s not sexy?”

Jessica sighed, leaning forward, wrapping her arms around him. “God, I’ve missed you.”

He closed his arms tightly around her, pushing her hair out of her face. “I miss you too, which is why I’m here. Plus, it’s kind of dangerous outside right now, and I didn’t want you trying to drive home with that fucking front-wheel drive car you insist on having.”

“Has it snowed that much? It was just spitting a few flakes here and there when I went downstairs to get my hot chocolate.”

He grabbed her hand, pulling her up, before he walked the two of them over to the window. He heard and felt her gasp as she looked out over the square. With the Christmas lights up for the season, it looked like something in a snow globe.

“See now why I came to get you?” he ran his hand up and down her back before pushing up into her hair, massaging her scalp.

“But can we even get home now?” she questioned as she turned to look at him. “If town looks this way, how does it look out towards the clubhouse?”

“When I left it was slick,” he cupped her hip with his other hand, pulling her back to his front. “By now? Probably impassable. Good thing you have everything here we’ll need.”

“Do you think we’ll still be here on Christmas?” she asked softly.

He thought about the question. Christmas was in twenty-four hours, and while Bowling Green was much more prepared to handle a weather event like this than it had been in the past, he also knew it would probably take longer than two or three days before roads far out in the country where they lived to become drivable. It also depended heavily on when the snow stopped and how many inches they ended up getting. It was always best to be honest with her, he’d learned the hard way what happened if he wasn’t. Going on four years of marriage now, he’d learned a few things.

“It’s a good possibility, Jess,” he pulled her closer to him. “I’m sorry.” She loved being with their friends and family on holidays. He didn’t care where they were as long as they were together.

“I think I’ll actually be okay if it’s just you and me. I’ve been too busy lately.”

He didn’t want to lay a guilt trip on her, but if they were stuck in this space, alone, for the next few days, he’d definitely be having a talk with her about working too hard. First though, he hadn’t eaten and he knew she hadn’t either. “C’mon, let’s find something to eat in case we lose power.”

The thought made her shiver in his arms.

“Don’t worry, if we lose power, I’ll keep you warm; don’t you worry about that. You seem to forget I was in the military, too. If anyone can keep you safe during times of extreme weather– it’s me.”

She tilted her head back, resting it on his shoulder. “Trust me, I’ve never felt safer than when I’m with you.” Circling her hand around the forearm he rested against her chest, she gave it a squeeze. “It’s hot how you take care of me.”

He grunted as he turned them away from the window. “Then what I’m fixing to do should have you panting and positively dripping with arousal.”

She wrinkled her nose, laughing at him. It’d taken him a long time to show this side of himself to her, and she loved it beyond words. Her heart sang when he teased her. “Oh really? Let me prepare myself.”

“I’m about to make you the best grilled cheese known to man. I know how much you love those because it’s the one thing you keep ingredients for around here at all times.”

Grasping him around the waist, she leaned into his ear, whispering seductively. “You make me a good enough grilled cheese, and I might show you exactly what kind of sexy scene I was writing.”