A Heaven Hill Christmas(10)

By: Laramie Briscoe

Today was one of those days and goddamn if he didn’t need to relieve some of it. Only problem was he wasn’t sure how.


Leaving the salon now, should be at the club in about forty-five minutes. Love you! <3

Christine waited patiently for Steele to text her back. She’d learned the hard way that leaving without waiting for the text telling her all was clear kind of put him in a bad mood. She had to grin. It wasn’t as if he were telling her what to do or he was controlling. Thank God. She’d had enough of that in her life. He did it from a place of love, a place of wanting to keep her safe and wanting to make her feel secure.

And secure she felt, because she knew no matter what he’d be watching her back, and if he couldn’t come for her, Jagger would. She had to grin thinking of her brother. She wondered what her sister-in-law was doing to get ready for the Christmas holiday. Deciding she would call her as soon as Steele gave her the okay, she glanced in the mirror.

Today had been a rough day and it showed. Frowning, she pushed her hands into her hair, fluffing it up a little. When that didn’t work, she grabbed her dry shampoo and held it to her roots, spraying liberally before flipping her head over and letting gravity do the work. When she popped back up, she grinned at her reflection, because she looked like she’d just gone two rounds with her husband.

Steele. He’d been tense for the last week. She wasn’t sure what was going on with him, but figured it probably had to be the fact he was on high alert, watching all the wives while all the men of the club planned Christmas surprises. A thought hit her, maybe she should plan a Christmas surprise for him.

Glancing at her phone, she saw he hadn’t texted her back yet, so she had time. Quickly walking to the storefront, she rifled through the lingerie they sold for a local woman. She was new to the business and Christine had agreed to sell some things for her on consignment. They were very well made, sexy without being crude, and from what everyone had said after buying them, they definitely revved a significant other’s engine. She dug through the shelf to see if her size was there, hoping like hell it was. When she landed on one set that was just perfect, she grabbed it and made a mad dash to the bathroom where she took off her clothes and put on the set. She kept an emergency makeup kit in the cabinet for times when she needed to freshen up before going to meet Travis for dinner or going out with friends after work. Grabbing what she needed, she went to work perfecting a smoky eye.

“You’re a genius, Chris,” she told herself as she applied mascara just as her cell phone beeped with an incoming message.

You’re good to leave. Love you too.

Grabbing her coat, she put it on and left the salon. With any luck, Steele wouldn’t know what hit him.


“How’s it going?” B’s voice reverberated in the car over the Bluetooth speaker system.

Christine had called her sister-in-law for moral support. She’d never been in your face sexy, not like Bianca had been, and now more than ever she needed to hear this was a good idea. While she’d been gung-ho as she’d left the salon, when her tires started eating up the miles to the clubhouse, she was starting to re-think her plan.

“It’s going,” Christine answered, gripping the wheel as she went forward with her plan. “Right now I’m on my way to hopefully christen Steele’s cave.”

“What!” B shrieked through the speakers loud enough it made Christine adjust the volume on the steering wheel.

“Oh, you heard me,” she felt stupid saying it again.

“I did hear you,” B yelled. “But I can’t believe you said those words. Ohmigod, does he know?”

“No! And don’t be texting him, giving him any ideas, either. He’s been really on edge the past week or so, and we keep joking that we’re going to christen the cave, but it never happens. I feel like that would be the Christmas gift to end all Christmas gifts,” she bit her lip as she waited for her Bianca’s reply.

“Girl, you are going to blow his mind. You’ll have to text me and let me know how it goes.”

Christine shook her head. She got texts about Bianca and Jagger’s sex life all the time, but she wasn’t sure she wanted to share as much information as Bianca did. “I don’t know if I can do that or not. What if it’s bad?” she asked in a small voice. “What if I’m really bad at seducing him?”

“Walk in there like you own the fuckin’ place.”

“But I don’t own it,” she argued. “That’s Travis’ spot. We all know it. I feel like I’m walking onto some sacred, hallowed ground.”