Win Big:A Bad Boy Sports Romance(3)

By: Bella Love-Wins

I sized her up. Cute body, perky tits, full lips. Tiny. I could move her around just the way I wanted her. Yeah. She would do.

“I’m not lonely anymore,” I told her, sliding an arm around her shoulders. “What’s your name?” Not that it mattered.

“Tina.” She giggled like her name was funny or something. I smiled back at her like I agreed.

“Tina, I’m—“

“Evan. I know who you are. You kicked ass at the championship—all season, actually.”

That, I could at least agree with. “Thanks. So you’re a football fan?”

Her light brown eyes went dark and sultry, and her lids closed partway over them. “I’m a fan of you.”

Hello. My cock started to stir. She leaned toward me, and I saw most of what she had going on under her tank top. She smelled like cotton candy. What an unusual scent. She licked her already glistening lips, causing me to focus on her full mouth. I imagined the way it would feel wrapped around my shaft. Oh yes. It got harder. She was in.

I leaned over until my mouth was by her ear. “Maybe we should go upstairs to talk about a few of my favorite plays,” I murmured. Then I let my mouth trail along her ear, my tongue flicking her earlobe. She moaned softly.


“I have to give you the disclaimer, though. I don’t do vanilla plays. You still game?”

She nodded. “Yes I get that. I’m in. Let’s go check it out.” She practically jumped off the couch and took my hand so I could lead her upstairs. I smiled to myself. It never took long to get a girl in bed, especially one who knew anything about football. At this college, football was one of the only things that got this kind of response. My dick didn’t mind that at all, or that it was attached to one of the best players on the team.

I took her to my room, which I always made sure was at least presentable when we had a party. Since I joined the frat, there was there never a night I went to bed alone after a party—or during, as was the case with Tina.

She was in a hurry. Good. No sense wasting time. As soon as the door closed, her top was off. She had amazing tits—full and perky with tiny pink nipples.

“You like these?” she asked, cupping them in her hands. I nodded, aware of the pressure building up against my briefs. She was not shy, fondling them and squeezing them in her hands. It was hot, but it would have been hotter to touch them myself. I pushed her hands out of the way and molded mine to her chest, cupping those babies, testing their weight, enjoying how they felt both firm and soft under my large, rough palms. She was enjoying it too. Her nipples pebbled under my touch and she was moaning, tilting her head back on her shoulders.

“Mmmm,” she whispered, holding on to my shoulders. “I’ve been dreaming about this for a while, Evan.”

“You should have come by the frat house and told me a long time ago, babe.”

“I guess I should have.”

I let go of her chest and tugged my athletic shorts down enough for my cock to spring free. It was aching to come out and play. “Yes. Here, suck on this,” I muttered, pressing on her shoulders to lower her until she was down on her knees. She made a surprised sound, but did as I asked. The second her lips touched my cock head and slid up my shaft, I was glad she’d come by. I looked down at her as she bobbed up and down, those thick, full lips working me over, her hot tongue tasting and licking from the tip to my balls.

“That’s right, baby. Damn, you’re good.”

She moaned, glancing up at me. I buried my hands into her thick, dark hair, anchoring her as I fucked her pouty little mouth, thrusting in and out like there was no tomorrow. Which was probably the case where the little lady was concerned. I didn’t do second dates, if you could call this a date. She moaned and whimpered as though this was getting her off too. When I pulled out to move along to what I really liked, she seemed stunned. I was used to that look. I liked it.

“You’re so in control,” she whispered, standing up. “I like that.”

Most women I picked did. I wasn’t into forcing myself on them—only assholes and losers did that—but I liked sex how I liked it. Any woman who was happy enough to go along with me didn’t regret it either. I loved the look of a woman when she was coming, so getting her off at least once during a session was mandatory. Once that was out of the way, they knew they were lucky to score some time in my bed, and didn’t bother to complain when I took them harder or kinkier than any other man ever did.

“Get naked,” I growled, stroking myself. “Then get over there at the side of the bed.”