Wild With You(81)

By: Layla Hagen

"You already knew, didn't you?" I asked.

"He asked my permission," Milo piped up.

"And he talked to all of us at Friday night dinner about a month ago when you were out of the room," Landon added.

"We helped with the ring," Hailey said on a grin. "That was fun."

Will and Jace each gave me bear hugs, and I briefly wondered when these two would settle down. Our soccer star wasn’t quite ready for that. Our hotshot detective on the other hand... I’d seen the mopey look on his face at Landon’s wedding, like he was secretly hoping his turn would come soon. When Will’s turn came, he was going to fall hard.

I sized my man up and down, and then I pulled him away from the group.

"You planned this thoroughly," I whispered.

"I did."

"You've been full of surprises lately."

"I have a lot more up my sleeve."

Lacing my arms around his neck, I pulled him a little closer, smiling against his lips. "Then it's a good thing I agreed to spend a lifetime with you.”