Whisper of Attraction(4)

By: Melanie Shawn

“It’s not Airbnb, Sunflower. Axel is renting the apartment for the next few months.”

“Few months?”

“Yes. And he’ll be there any minute.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Brynn saw Lucy stand up and turn so she was facing the door. She began grunting and snorting a second before there was a knock at the front door.

So much for a quiet evening alone.

“Why didn’t you tell me he was coming sooner?” Brynn set the caddy to the side and stood from the bath.

“I tried but you never answer my calls.”

That was B.S. and her mother knew it. She’d only ignored two texts and those had come in the past ten minutes. She wished she could argue with her mother but another knock came at the door. She stepped out of the tub and deciding to forgo drying off she reached for her robe. After securing it in place she blew out the candles.

“I think you’re really going to like him,” her mother continued. “I explained the issues that the apartment and house had, including the landscaping, and he agreed to do the repairs.”

Shea Daniels was a dangerous combination of believing herself acutely intuitive while also being acutely naive. Brynn’s mother trusted her instincts about a person rather than that person’s actions, and she’d been taken advantage of more than once.

“Mom. Are you letting some guy live in the apartment for free because he promised to do the repairs?”

“Of course not. He already paid for three months. It is at a lower rate than we originally discussed.”

Of course it is.

“I offered to let him live there for free—”

Of course you did.

“But a man like Axel would never accept that.”

A man like Axel?

“How well do you know this guy, Mom?”

“Very well. I read his aura. He is grounded, strong-willed, and survival orientated—”

The knock sounded again and Brynn mentally added impatient to the list as she grabbed the phone and started down the hall.

“He’s also confident, fiercely protective, sexual, passionate, and—”

“Mom.” The last thing Brynn wanted to hear was her mother’s take on the guy’s libido. After all, he was going to be living in her back yard for the next few months. “I gotta go, he’s here. Love you, bye.”

Her mom kept talking but she hung up. She glanced down to make sure that all of her lady parts were covered up and she threaded the belt, tightening it in place.

“Stay,” she instructed the pug firmly.

Lucy hated men. She always had. It took months, if not years, for her to tolerate anyone of the opposite sex who wasn’t Ryder. It even took months and lots of treats for Ryder’s best friends KJ and Ricky to win her over. She’d never even really warmed to Max and he’d tried to bribe her with steak on more than one occasion.

When Lucy’s butt hit the wood flooring, Brynn turned and opened the door.

“Sorry, I was in the—” her words stuck in her throat.

She wasn’t sure what she’d expected to see but she knew that what she was looking at was not it.

This man could’ve walked right off the pages of one of her favorite romance novels. He was tall, dark, and handsome personified. But it was more than his outward appearance that had her stupefied. Brynn’s hormones weren’t in overdrive because of his deep brown stare, broad shoulders, chiseled arms, or his perfect lips. No. Her hormones were doing backflips because of his overwhelmingly male presence.

Brynn was no stranger to being around dominant alpha energy. Especially lately. Her best friend Ali had just married an MMA fighter and Jess had just gotten engaged to a U.S. Marshal. Both men oozed masculine energy.

But neither came close to the potency that the man standing on her porch was putting off. She wasn’t sure if it was pheromones or what, but her entire body was buzzing with electric energy.

She was so lost in its potency that she didn’t notice that Lucy had gotten a hold of the edge of her belt that was dangling beside her. One tug. That was all it took for her robe to part and her to be completely exposed. When she grabbed at the terrycloth to cover herself, Lucy thought it was a game and bit the hem of the robe and tugged as Brynn turned her back to Axel for modesty.

And that was how Brynn Daniels ended up flashing and mooning the only man that her body had taken any interest in in years.


“Oh my god!”

Axel watched as the stunning redhead’s face flushed to the color of her hair as her hands fumbled to cover herself back up.

Axel Vaughn had always considered himself a gentleman, but in that moment, he’d made no attempt to look away. Instead, he stared in shocked wonder.